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Monday, April 23, 2018

What every primary teacher should know about vocabulary

In Dr Jannie van Hees’ new book 'What every primary teacher should know about vocabulary' she discusses the importance of building word knowledge.

Opinion: Mayleen Gautusa – ‘Solution-itis’: No such thing as a quick fix

Mayleen Gautusa argues that there is no quick fix when it comes to improving our students' reading abilities.

No hat, no play? Not always, research shows

New research shows that many children may not be sun-safe during school lunch breaks.

Apprentices better off than grads, research shows

New research shows that apprentices are better off than university graduates for most of their lives.

Wanted: ‘Ideal teachers’

Hana Turner's research reveals some interesting teacher and student perspectives about what qualities an 'ideal' teacher has for students of different ethnicities.

Local Focus: How much tech should there be in schools?

According to a recent international study, New Zealand teens are some of the highest users of digital technology.

ERO study – Shared vision and approach vital to student achievement

A new Education Review Office study shows that a shared understanding of the data, targets, approaches and strategies can lead to improved outcomes for students.

Toi Ohomai gets $700k for Maori health research project

Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology has received $700,000 in National Science Challenge funding to research new designs for sustainable and affordable homes and identify how these contribute to health and wellbeing for Maori.

Wearable cameras will record the marketing of ‘healthy’ food to children

Children will wear small portable cameras on their clothes as part of a new Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Auckland study that will investigate how the marketing of healthy products and lifestyles affects children’s everyday lives.

Teachers, parents lose faith in homework

More than a third of New Zealand teachers and parents say they are increasingly doubting the value of homework.

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