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Axe hangs over NorthTec courses and campuses in face of $4.5m loss

A major restructuring by Northland's biggest tertiary education provider could axe dozens of jobs axed and close Rawene and Kerikeri campuses as it faces a $4.5 million loss.

Cutting foreign student visas could hit 10,000 jobs: ITENZ

The Labour Party's election promise to slash foreign student numbers could result in the loss of 10,000 jobs, according to the organisation representing private tertiary institutions.

Govt will act on teacher shortage crisis before Christmas – Hipkins

The new Labour-led Government plans a package of measures before Christmas to overcome teacher shortages which have hit record levels in Auckland primary schools.

Dean of Education and Social Work retiring after 40 years in education

The University of Auckland’s Dean of Education and Social Work, Professor Graeme Aitken, grew up in schools and knew he was going to be a teacher from age 15. Now retiring after 40 years as a teacher, curriculum developer, university lecturer and Dean, he presented a retrospective lecture of his time in Education.  

Liam Rutherford: Public education crisis isn’t coming – it’s here

If there's one thing we can all agree on, when talking about the education of New Zealand's children its this: our children go to school to learn the critical and creative skills they'll need to grow up in the 21st century. And, for that, they need teachers.

Auckland primary teacher shortage hits new record

Auckland's primary teacher shortage has hit a new record as schools face a "perfect storm" of record migrant inflows, declining teacher trainees, and an exodus of staff who can't afford the city's housing costs.

Principals concerned pay rates not attracting secondary teachers

New Zealand Secondary Principals’ Council chair James Morris discusses the elephant in the room – how pay is affecting New Zealand's secondary teacher shortage.

Striking not way to get pay rise – education experts

Education experts say strikes aren't the way to go for teachers to get pay increases.

Opinion: James Bentley – Election offered no answers to the teacher shortage

New Zealand's state and state-Integrated education system has for more than 40 years been the envy of other nations.

Tauranga principal says unions’ strike warning alarmist

Teacher unions are warning of likely strikes to seek pay rises costing "hundreds of millions of dollars", including an extra allowance for teaching in areas of expensive housing such as Tauranga.

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Govt rejects secondary teacher pay rise proposal

The PPTA is disappointed at the Government's rejection of their proposal to increase secondary teachers' salaries by five per cent to help alleviate teacher shortage.