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Trained overseas teachers and skilled migrants key to early childhood teacher shortages

The Early Childhood Council (ECC) says teacher shortages are not just a school issue, and it’s not just an Auckland problem.

Second chance learner wants to give offenders a second chance

After 20 years of service with the Department of Corrections, Tauranga man Nick Powell felt an overwhelming need to do more to help the prisoners he worked with. Alarmed by the rates of offenders...

Mixed reactions to Act Party’s teacher pay policy

The Act Party's teacher performance pay policy has attracted mixed reactions. Teachers' union NZEI Te Riu Roa says it is "out of touch" with what teachers want.

Glenfield principal moves to Long Bay after just 16 months

A North Shore principal has left "disappointment and initially anger" in his wake by moving on to a bigger school after just 18 months.

Teachers warn of strikes as they seek 14.5 per cent pay rise

Teacher unions are warning of likely strikes to seek pay rises costing "hundreds of millions of dollars", including an extra allowance for teaching in areas of expensive housing such as Auckland.

10 recommendations to resolve Auckland’s teacher crisis

NZEI Te Riu Roa, New Zealand Principals Federation, Auckland Primary Principals Association and Waitakere Area Principals Association have developed a 10-point plan to resolve Auckland's teacher crisis.

The long and winding road to postgrad education

Many teacher education providers are pushing for a master’s level qualification to become the minimum requirement to become a teacher, while others think this approach will deter aspiring teachers. With the initial teacher education (ITE) postgraduate pilot now in its third year, the Ministry of Education is getting closer to making a decision on the future shape of ITE. Which way will it go and what impact will it have? asks JUDE BARBACK.

Principals concerned pay rates not attracting secondary teachers

New Zealand Secondary Principals’ Council chair James Morris discusses the elephant in the room – how pay is affecting New Zealand's secondary teacher shortage.

‘Monty Python’ saga hits teacher seeking NZ job

A British teacher recruited to start at an Auckland school today says getting approval to teach in New Zealand has been a "Monty Python" experience.

Teachers fighting for ‘seismic shift’ in pay and conditions for NZ’s 29,000 primary educators

Teachers are gearing up for hard - but colourful - industrial action over pay equity, higher pay and lower workloads.

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Govt rejects secondary teacher pay rise proposal

The PPTA is disappointed at the Government's rejection of their proposal to increase secondary teachers' salaries by five per cent to help alleviate teacher shortage.