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Fears for Camberley School after resignation of principal and four teachers

Those in the Camberley School community are worried about the future of the decile one school, after the principal and four teachers resigned in December.

The road less travelled: inspiring graduate journeys

Education Review shares the compelling stories of nine determined graduates from around the country.

NZEI: Education Council ‘not well-placed’ to upskill teachers

The Government's move to put the ongoing training of teachers into the hands of the Education Council is being dismissed as paper shuffling.

$5000 grant proves ‘massive incentive’ for foreign teachers

A new $5000 relocation grant is proving a "massive incentive" for agencies recruiting overseas teachers, as schools reopen after the summer holidays this week.

Mentoring new teachers: putting the new guidelines into practice

The Teachers Council reports good feedback from the newly implemented Guidelines for Induction and Mentoring and Mentor Teachers and looks to the next steps.

OECD report confirms need for 100% qualified teachers in ECE

The latest OECD report on early childhood education (ECE) underlines the case for 100 per cent qualified teachers, and casts the government’s repeated failure to restore funding for teaching staff in a poor light, says...

Plan needed to address Auckland’s teacher crisis

Four education groups representing New Zealand’s principals and teachers will tomorrow announce their plan to turn around the Auckland teacher crisis.

Language expert: which languages will kids learn?

A languages expert is calling for a national debate on which languages children should learn under a new National Party policy to teach every child a second language.

Warning that Auckland’s teacher shortage is now at crisis level

Auckland's teacher shortage has reached breaking point and there's a warning shortage is damaging the quality of education children are getting.

Auckland primary teacher shortage hits new record

Auckland's primary teacher shortage has hit a new record as schools face a "perfect storm" of record migrant inflows, declining teacher trainees, and an exodus of staff who can't afford the city's housing costs.

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‘Hand-to-mouth’ Grammar School needs donations

Auckland Grammar School headmaster Tim O'Connor says his school "couldn't operate as we do" without a donation of $1225 a year from parents.

Teachers parade with pride