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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

More than half of Auckland schools up to four teachers short

More than half of Auckland schools are each struggling to fill up to four teaching jobs, a new survey reveals.

Northland teachers see engineering in the real world

They say there is no substitute for experience - so six Northland teachers donned hard hats and hi-vis jackets as they took a day out to see engineering in action.

Part-time secondary teachers seek equal pay

Another equal pay claim was brought before the Employment Relations Authority this week as PPTA members seek mediation to resolve the issue of part-time secondary teachers not receiving the same rate of non-contact time as full-time teachers.Teachers...

Equal pay claims roll out to mental health, teacher aides, social workers and now...

Part-time high school teachers have become the latest group to lodge an equal pay claim, as the effects of this week's 20 per cent-plus pay rise for caregivers roll out to other female-dominated groups.

NZEI: Education Council ‘not well-placed’ to upskill teachers

The Government's move to put the ongoing training of teachers into the hands of the Education Council is being dismissed as paper shuffling.

Early childhood teachers launch pay equity claim

Following the pay equity settlement for aged care and community support workers, early childhood teachers are looking to follow suit. Union NZEI Te Riu Roa is launching a new claim for pay equity for...

OECD report confirms need for 100% qualified teachers in ECE

The latest OECD report on early childhood education (ECE) underlines the case for 100 per cent qualified teachers, and casts the government’s repeated failure to restore funding for teaching staff in a poor light, says...

Teachers could be trained at both primary and secondary levels

A proposal to train new teachers at both primary and secondary levels to help smooth the transition between schools has been announced.

Where have all the young teachers gone?

By: Simon CollinsErin and Nathan Steel are planning to buy their own home in Whangarei this year. It was something they could never have dreamed of if they had stayed in Auckland.Whaea Erin, as...

School may build houses to stop teachers fleeing Auckland’s high housing costs

Auckland's biggest school is investigating building houses for its teachers in a desperate move to stop teachers leaving the city because of sky-high house prices.

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Polytechnic student enrolments flat despite fees-free policy

Polytechnic enrolments are flat nationally despite the new fees-free policy for students doing their first year of tertiary study.