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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Biggest secondary girls school in country considering ban on UberEats

One of the country's largest state schools is considering a ban on fastfood being delivered to the school grounds for safety reasons.

Colour and Community – Bay of Plenty school’s new partnership with fitness provider

Papamoa’s Tahatai Coast School and local fitness provider CrossFit Alliance have embarked on a unique partnership, which was launched today with the gift of a sports T-shirt for every student and staff member in the colour of their whare (house).

Cries for help for Northland’s children

Northland Age editor Peter Jackson says it's time to put kids in a position where they can benefit from an education.

Husband speaks out about Otago University cuts: ‘My wife isn’t a labour unit’

Anxiety is building among University of Otago general staff but 600 staff and students have spoken out about plans to cut 182 fulltime equivalent (FTE) general staff jobs at the institution.

Otago University students demand better support for rape victims

University of Otago students have hit out at the institution, saying there is not enough support for rape survivors and staff don't take the issue seriously - accusing one top staff member of referring to an alleged attacker as a "silly boy".

1089 Northland students need clinical psychological help

An experienced child therapist says agencies need to work together to help the 1089 Northland children identified as needing urgent psychological help so they don't end up struggling as adults.

Wet and mouldy: Southern Cross Campus

Ten years after leaking buildings were identified on Auckland's Southern Cross Campus students are still studying in damp, mouldy classrooms.

Kyle MacDonald: Will teaching resilience in our schools work?

Who wouldn't want to be more resilient? More able to cope with life's up and downs, better able to manage stress, less susceptible to negative emotions, to quickly bounce back from adversity.

Principals back Labour’s Canterbury mental health plan

Canterbury principals say they've been left high and dry without the support to care for kids with post-quake trauma.

Housing crisis hits kids’ schoolwork

Children are falling behind other students in their schoolwork as rising rents and a housing crisis force record numbers of low-income families to change schools.

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GJ Gardiner donates profits from house sales to Big Buddy

Profits from the sale of two houses - one in Hamilton and one in Pukekohe - have been donated by construction company G.J Gardiner to Big Buddy - a New Zealand charity that partners fatherless boys with a positive male role model.