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Thursday, January 18, 2018

1089 Northland students need clinical psychological help

An experienced child therapist says agencies need to work together to help the 1089 Northland children identified as needing urgent psychological help so they don't end up struggling as adults.

Pause, Breathe, Smile: Training teachers to bring mindfulness into the classroom

GRANT RIX shares the journey of a ‘mindfulness in schools’ programme that is making a difference to the wellbeing and learning outcomes of Kiwi kids.

How you should respond when you find out a young person has self-harmed |...

#BreakTheSilence | Professor Marc Wilson says most self-harm is not about "attention-seeking", a pejorative label that sounds dismissive.

UK schoolboys wear skirts in protest over no-shorts rule during heatwave

Schoolboys have turned up for class dressed in skirts in protest over a no-shorts uniform policy, despite the heatwave.

Sustainable schools, but at what cost?

All new schools are built to meet the required Green Star rating, but is the same attention being given in the construction and design of these schools to the ability to teach and learn? JUDE BARBACK considers the merits and limitations of the Green Star rating system.

Mumps isolation only applies to Waipukurau School for now

Hawke's Bay DHB is sending mumps information to all schools and early childhood centres in Central Hawke's Bay, but only isolating non-immune adults and children who may have been in contact with an infected child at Waipukurau School.

Break the Silence: New Plymouth headmaster Paul Veric challenges students to break the stigma...

On the first Monday of the school term, Veric stood up in front of 1200 students and talked openly about suicide.

Pre-teen counsellor ‘flat tack’ with student issues

One in five students seen by Rotorua Intermediate School counsellor Ben Teina-Kore Curtis is experiencing serious, ongoing mental health issues.

Kyle MacDonald: Will teaching resilience in our schools work?

Who wouldn't want to be more resilient? More able to cope with life's up and downs, better able to manage stress, less susceptible to negative emotions, to quickly bounce back from adversity.

Leadership that’s all about the students

Principals are finding Viviane Robinson’s book Student-Centered Leadership “invaluable” in guiding their leadership practices.

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Opinion: Alwyn Poole – Ministry of Education needs a shake-up

Minister of Finance Steven Joyce has stated that Labour may have a zero budget plan for 2018 and 2019 outside the realms of Education and Health.