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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Editorial: Where the education system has room for improvement

Are we in good shape? The New Zealand education system relies heavily on the financial input of international students.

Opinion: Rachel Smalley – Our curriculum should include more NZ history

How would you rate your knowledge of New Zealand history? Colonialism? The New Zealand Wars? How we got to where we are today?

Opinion: Ngahi Bidois – What’s in a name? Māori names and their importance

What's in a name? As we head into Maori Language Week 2017 Ngahi Bidois looks at Maori names and their importance.

Te Reo week should evolve, says Whāngārei wānanga tutor

When people describe Te Reo Maori as a 'living language' it does not mean it has been saved from obscurity - it means it lives within the customs and culture that gave birth to it.

Response: a different take on the realities of teaching in Manurewa

Natasha Miller teaches children in a similar catchment as that described by Sam Oldham in his controversial opinion piece, What life looks like at NZ's largest decile one high school. Here, she presents a different view.

Opinion: Peter Jackson – Politicians are on the wrong planet

Northland Age editor writes about the election campaign and the education policies released last week by National and Labour

What life looks like at NZ’s largest decile one high school

When you work at a decile one high school, you’re confronted with the realities of child poverty on a daily basis. Teacher Sam Oldham writes from Manurewa.

Opinion: Ngaa Rauuira Pumanawawhiti – Maori language needs place to thrive

Let's not ignore the big brown taniwha in the room - let's do our best to celebrate Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori says Ngaa Rauuira Pumanawawhiti

Opinion: Lynda Stuart – Teachers not buying into online National Standards reporting

Constant measuring of reading, writing and mathematics won't help our students to grow - National Standards data has proven that.

Jacoby Poulain: Policies have huge impacts on education

Jacoby Poulain wants to raise awareness: the structures and systems that our government decides, directs and implements has phenomenal impact upon the individual lives of people.

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GJ Gardiner donates profits from house sales to Big Buddy

Profits from the sale of two houses - one in Hamilton and one in Pukekohe - have been donated by construction company G.J Gardiner to Big Buddy - a New Zealand charity that partners fatherless boys with a positive male role model.