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Friday, February 23, 2018

“Please, this is money well spent”: grandmother’s plea to keep charter schools open

A grandmother’s letter to the Prime Minister urges the Government to reconsider their opposition to charter schools.

Opinion: Steve Liddle – Liberal studies in schools and co-ed classes should be compulsory

Whether motivated by opportunity, adventure, war, or speedier student debt repayment, overseas experience (OE) has for generations been part of becoming a New Zealander.

National Standards will not be missed, say teachers

Primary principals and teachers look forward to a fresh start this year using robust and well-regarded assessment tools, instead of "shonky" National Standards.

Opinion: Banning social media in schools is a knee-jerk reaction

Aotea College students ABBY McROBERTS and EMILY PATERSON say switching off the internet will not resolve problems faced by young people.

School’s social media ban could ‘backfire’ says expert

An outright social media ban could backfire on an Auckland school - should it go ahead.

Response: Peter Reynolds – ECE teachers are under severe threat

Chief Executive of the Early Childhood Council (ECC) PETER REYNOLDS sheds light on the “supply-demand problem” for the sector and tells us why we need to get the ECE-qualified teacher back on the Immigration Skills Shortage list.

Opinion: Josh Williams – The NCEA would be doing NCEA

Some of the habits that have developed around NCEA have not been respectful enough of the teaching profession. Rigour and robustness is important, but assessment needs to be the by-product of quality teaching and learning writes CE of the ITF, Josh Williams.

Opinion: Paul Heyward – Government on the right path to fixing the teacher shortage

Making teaching an attractive career that is accessible to students is vital in ensuring that our best and brightest enter the field.

Opinion: Claire Amos – The Joy of Teaching – Why this is the best...

Claire Amos celebrates her 20th teaching anniversary with a blog about the twenty reasons she believes teaching and education is the best career choice ever.

Opinion: Benefits in learning a second language

All Kiwi kids could soon be multilingual.

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