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Friday, February 23, 2018

“Please, this is money well spent”: grandmother’s plea to keep charter schools open

A grandmother’s letter to the Prime Minister urges the Government to reconsider their opposition to charter schools.

Opinion: Paul Heyward – Government on the right path to fixing the teacher shortage

Making teaching an attractive career that is accessible to students is vital in ensuring that our best and brightest enter the field.

Alwyn Poole: Charter schools meet all Jacinda Ardern’s stated conditions

Approximately 1400 students will be attending New Zealand's charter (partnership) schools in 2018. They are, by and large, Maori and Pasifika children and many come with records and backgrounds that clearly show that what was previously being provided for them was not working.

Opinion: Steve Liddle – Liberal studies in schools and co-ed classes should be compulsory

Whether motivated by opportunity, adventure, war, or speedier student debt repayment, overseas experience (OE) has for generations been part of becoming a New Zealander.

Opinion: Martine Udahemuka – A trick for principals

New Zealand Initiative research fellow Martine Udahemuka argues that if implemented right, pay-for-performance systems are a win-win-win for principals, teachers and students.

Opinion: Claire Amos – The Joy of Teaching – Why this is the best...

Claire Amos celebrates her 20th teaching anniversary with a blog about the twenty reasons she believes teaching and education is the best career choice ever.

Why I left teaching

John Laing's teaching career spanned almost 40 years, a lot of that spent as a rural primary teaching principal. Last year, after weathering so many changes in the education landscape, he decided he couldn't see a way to stay in the profession until retirement and maintain what work/life balance he'd managed to hold onto. In this article John reflects on some of the reasons that stacked up behind his decision to leave education.  

Opinion: Alwyn Poole – Nine reasons National Standards aren’t working (and other issues with...

Alwyn Poole discusses the almost complete lack of focus on Year 1 – 13 Education in the Election Campaign.

Opinion: Filip Vachuda – In defence of academic subjects

Year 13 student FILIP VACHUDA says assigning subjects like acting, building or painting a similar academic status as subjects like Calculus, Science or History "completely misses the mark".

National Standards will not be missed, say teachers

Primary principals and teachers look forward to a fresh start this year using robust and well-regarded assessment tools, instead of "shonky" National Standards.

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