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Opinion: Paul Moon – Te Reo’s doubtful future and the prospect of compulsion

Professor PAUL MOON says making Te Reo compulsory in schools is not the answer.

Opinion: Chris Lynch: Te Reo Maori needs relevance, not artificial feel-good factor

Te Reo Maori is in dire straits. That's the unsurprising claim made by Professor Paul Moon. He made it in his new book Killing Te Reo Maori: An Indigenous Language facing extinction.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – The Importance of Teaching our Kids about Investing

Our financial ignorance is partially a result of an education curriculum that has largely been shaped by university pre requisites writes Peter Lyons

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Best education could be delivered in a tent

Great teaching and learning can happen in a tent, or on a mountain top, or on the moon. The point is, why not give the talent that resides in our teacher workforce room to breathe and flourish?

Opinion: Erin Maloney – home-based ECE is the way forward

ChildForum's recent survey painted a grim picture of New Zealand's early childhood education centres. General Manager of PORSE Education & Training and mum of two ERIN MALONEY believes home-based ECE is a better alternative.

Opinion: Garrett Kett – ECE has become a playground for profiteers

GARRETT KETT says that the early childhood education sector is becoming dominated by profiteers and investors looking to receive a tidy profit from as little effort as possible.

Opinion: Jay Allnutt – Debating teacher education

Teach First NZ chief executive JAY ALLNUTT weighs in on the teacher education debate.

Opinion: Steve Morris – National Standards a failed experiment

When authorities mandate one-size-fits-all performance standards for kids, and the standards aren't met, it's the kids and teachers, not the standards, that get blamed, says STEVE MORRIS.

Opinion: Allen Bartley – I love working with social workers

Allen Bartley reflects on why social work goes hand in hand with teaching.

Opinion: Fiona Ell – “There is more to learning to teach than copying a...

University of Auckland's head of Initial Teacher Education FIONA ELL says we need a better understanding of how to best prepare new teachers - and the funding to match.

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‘Hand-to-mouth’ Grammar School needs donations

Auckland Grammar School headmaster Tim O'Connor says his school "couldn't operate as we do" without a donation of $1225 a year from parents.

Teachers parade with pride