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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Student perspective: Powerful Passchendaele experience for Kiwi students

DYLAN WOODHOUSE, a Year 12 student from St Paul's Collegiate in Hamilton, was one of ten secondary students to represent New Zealand in Europe for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele. Here, he reflects on what a moving experience it was.

Opinion: Frances Valintine – Future-focused? Who are we fooling?

Frances Valintine, Founder The Mind Lab by Unitec & Tech Futures Lab, questions the recent global rankings that claimed New Zealand has the most future-focused education system in the world.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – Teachers need to stop being martyrs

Teacher Peter Lyons shares his views on why teachers are their own worst enemy.

Stuart Middleton: NEETs curse must be tackled, it harms all of us

Those working in the tertiary education sector have known for some time that numbers of students in tertiary institutions have been dropping.

Opinion: Graham McPhail – Approach MLEs with caution

University of Auckland's GRAHAM McPHAIL argues that while modern learning environments (MLEs) can help facilitate different pedagogical approaches there is no inherent link between classroom design and educational outcomes.

A small glimpse into this teacher’s world: an open letter

Sacha Spurrier has lit up Facebook this week. In an open letter to David Seymour, this first year teacher shuts down why pay performance cannot be measured. Sacha passionately speaks up for herself and her profession and in doing so, shares a small glimpse into the world of fellow teachers across New Zealand.

Opinion: Malcolm Dixon – Time to discuss primary school education

Primary school education was seldom mentioned throughout the election campaign and yet for everyone with children or grandchildren education plays an extremely important part in their lives.

Opinion: James Bentley – Election offered no answers to the teacher shortage

New Zealand's state and state-Integrated education system has for more than 40 years been the envy of other nations.

Opinion: Deborah Hill Cone – A John Cleese kind of school

Hard work and creativity are what really count - not a university degree

Opinion: Kate Stewart – Sticking up for religious classes in schools

It would appear that the old argument of religious education in public schools has flared up again.

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Maths fall-out continues

The fall-out from this week’s Level 1 NCEA maths exam continues, with Minister of Education Chris Hipkins ordering a report from NZQA and an open letter being signed by maths teachers. Education Central talks to a student who took the exam.