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Friday, February 23, 2018

Opinion: Fiona Ell – “There is more to learning to teach than copying a...

University of Auckland's head of Initial Teacher Education FIONA ELL says we need a better understanding of how to best prepare new teachers - and the funding to match.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – On Being a teacher in the Casino Economy

The modern free market myth says that all of us can be winners so long as we have the right work ethic and attitude writes Peter Lyons

Opinion: Mayleen Gautusa – ‘Solution-itis’: No such thing as a quick fix

Mayleen Gautusa argues that there is no quick fix when it comes to improving our students' reading abilities.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – Mastering the required lesson of NCEA

PETER LYONS weighs in on the debate over New Zealand's NCEA system.

Opinion: Kerre McIvor – Kiwi education – we must do better

I wouldn't want to be a parent with school-age children in this day and age.

Opinion: Briar Lipson – what lessons from our dismal and dropping reading results?

Briar Lipson says we need to look beyond smartphones and National Standards when it comes to assigning blame for New Zealand's declining reading results.

Opinion: Filip Vachuda – In defence of academic subjects

Year 13 student FILIP VACHUDA says assigning subjects like acting, building or painting a similar academic status as subjects like Calculus, Science or History "completely misses the mark".

Opinion: Susan Stevenson – NZ can’t continue to ignore the challenges facing tertiary education

Susan Stevenson says New Zealand cannot continue to blindly believe it doesn’t need to change its strategic approach to higher/tertiary education sector.

Opinion: Stuart McNaughton – Why in the world would we do it: PIRLS 2016?

In the wake of the recent PIRLS report which shows a decrease in New Zealand students' reading levels, Professor Stuart McNaughton argues we need to look carefully at the evidence and research behind these results before diving in and changing systems.

Opinion: Paul Goldsmith – Don’t forget about quality

Tertiary education featured prominently during the election campaign, and policies to increase student support significantly are a key component of the new government’s 100 day plan.

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