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Higher student allowances and free study easy money for unemployed – National

Increases to fulltime student allowances will mean payments top what many can earn on the dole each week.

Trump’s Kiwi adviser Chris Liddell donates $450,000 to Auckland University

Chris Liddell, the Kiwi businessman in Donald Trump's team, has donated $450,000 to the University of Auckland to fund a scholarship to Oxford.

Anger over sale of Victoria University’s Karori campus

The sale of Victoria University's Karori campus has become embroiled in controversy.

Changes to tertiary education welcomed by students

The government confirmed this week that it will boost financial support for tertiary students and is on track to deliver fees-free courses from next year.

Editorial: No fees will mean fewer places for foreign students

Poorly considered public policy usually has damaging logical consequences. Labour's free tertiary education policy may have brought it votes at this year's election but the consequences are just becoming apparent.

Victoria University’s controversial tax exemption

Victoria University is getting an even sweeter deal for its former Karori campus than first thought.

Tertiary student numbers set to rise after weekly allowance increase

Tertiary student numbers could be set to rise, with new student benefits set to kick in from next year.

Blocking Aussies from free tertiary education detrimental to economy

A decision to bar some Australians from free study in New Zealand could be detrimental to the economy.

Australians to be blocked from free study

Families across the Tasman are taking note of New Zealand's free tertiary scheme - but unless they have lived here long-term they will be locked out.

130,000 tertiary students to get an extra $50/wk next year

More than 130,000 students will have $50 extra in their pockets next year, as the Government moves to make tertiary education more affordable.

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Judging panel for the PM’s Excellence Awards announced

Adventurer and outdoor education provider Sir Graeme Dingle and Disability Rights Commissioner Paula Tesoriero are among those who will judge the 2018 Prime Minister’s Education Excellence Award finalists, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said today.