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Friday, November 24, 2017

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Past Poll Results

Poll TitleOption AOption BOption CTotal Votes
Do you support partnership schools in New Zealand education?Yes - 31.9%No - 68.1%NA47
Would you prefer zero-fees tertiary education with no Student Allowance or the current system (with student fees and Student Allowance)?Zero-fees tertiary education with no Student Allowance - 80%Student fees with Student Allowance - 20%NA20
'Do you think New Zealand needs a cross-party, sector-wide Education Hui to help inform the longer-term goals and direction of New Zealand education?'Yes - 89.8%No - 10.2%NA86
How important do you think it is that our high school students are Asia-ready?Very Important - 71%Somewhat Important - 29%Not Important - 0%7
Should the Education Ministry's new special education reform be extended beyond Communities of Learning so all schools benefit?Yes - 88%No - 12%NA59
Do you support performance-related pay for teachers?Yes - 29%No - 71%NA70
Should National Standards stay or go?Stay - 29%Go - 71%NZ63
Are Innovative Learning Environments a dangerous experiment or the way forward?Dangerous Experiment - 67.8%The way forward - 25.3%Other - 6.9%
Comments: "Not necessarily good for all subjects; further research needed." | "Don't know" | the rest agreed with 1st comment
A Rotorua principal believes legalising cannabis would make it even harder for principals and teachers to keep drugs out of school. Do you agree?'Yes - 67.5%No - 30%Other - 2.5%40