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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Past Poll Results

Poll TitleOption AOption BOption CTotal Votes
Do you support partnership schools in New Zealand education?Yes - 31.9%No - 68.1%NA47
Would you prefer zero-fees tertiary education with no Student Allowance or the current system (with student fees and Student Allowance)?Zero-fees tertiary education with no Student Allowance - 80%Student fees with Student Allowance - 20%NA20
'Do you think New Zealand needs a cross-party, sector-wide Education Hui to help inform the longer-term goals and direction of New Zealand education?'Yes - 89.8%No - 10.2%NA86
How important do you think it is that our high school students are Asia-ready?Very Important - 71%Somewhat Important - 29%Not Important - 0%7
Should the Education Ministry's new special education reform be extended beyond Communities of Learning so all schools benefit?Yes - 88%No - 12%NA59
Do you support performance-related pay for teachers?Yes - 29%No - 71%NA70
Should National Standards stay or go?Stay - 29%Go - 71%NA63
Are Innovative Learning Environments a dangerous experiment or the way forward?Dangerous Experiment - 67.8%The way forward - 25.3%Other - 6.9%
Comments: "Not necessarily good for all subjects; further research needed." | "Don't know" | the rest agreed with 1st comment
A Rotorua principal believes legalising cannabis would make it even harder for principals and teachers to keep drugs out of school. Do you agree?'Yes - 67.5%No - 30%Other - 2.5%40
Should teachers have access to training to help manage violent students and difficult situations only when faced with a particular child or circumstance, OR should ALL teachers receive training in this area?For a particular child - 7.7%All teachers - 92.3%NA52
Do you think the push to have 98 per cent of children enrolled in early childhood education has detracted from the quality of learning and care in many ECE centres?Yes - 88%No - 12%NA25