This is a season of joy and togetherness, and these gifts should bring the family together and help you create new joyful memories. Here are five of our Christmas gift ideas that the whole family can enjoy. 

A charity gift for underprivileged children from Save the Children NZ 

Sometimes, the best gift is not just a gift for yourself or your family, but a gift for others. During this season of thanks and spreading joy, your family can give The Good Gift to underprivileged children, whether it is a school bag, school uniform, or even clean water, to improve the lives of children around the world. You can share the certificate with your family on Christmas day to spread joy and wrap up a wholesome Christmas together! Save the Children’s mission is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives. 

Personalised family art  

A personalised family painting can be a great personal touch to spruce up your family home. Making your house feel like a home can foster family relationships and create a warm, safe environment for everyone to thrive. Personalised family art doesn’t have to be super extravagant – you can DIY with everyone’s handprints, or commission an artist online to draw a family picture in a style you like. This gift will surely get everyone in your family excited, and you’ll have a good memory every time you see the artwork in your home.  

Your family recipe book  

Every family has its own staple recipes that have been passed down for generations – whether it’s grandma’s apple pie or mom’s signature iced tea. This Christmas, you can immortalise these recipes by adding them to a “ family recipes” book. You can use a scrapbook to hold the recipes and keep adding to it as your collection grows, or if you already have an extensive list, you can design the recipe book yourself and print it out to give the whole family. This is a fun way to honour family traditions, and it is a special gift that only your family will have!

Matching pyjamas  

Matching pyjamas are a Christmas day staple for the family. You can give the whole family sets of matching pyjamas on Christmas eve if you want to create a fun, Christmas morning photoshoot while opening presents. We recommend soft, cosy materials like cotton or fleece to complete the Christmas morning vibe, and it is the perfect touch for a warm Christmas morning full of joy and love.

Movie Bucket List Scratch-off poster  

Make movie nights a tradition in your family with a movie scratch-off poster that features 100 of the greatest films ever made from around the world! The poster features great cinematic masterpieces that the whole family can enjoy like The Lord of the Rings trilogy or Wall-E. When you finish a movie together, you can use a coin to scratch off this movie from the poster. It’s a great way to establish a tradition as a family and enjoy some great films in the process!

Whatever gifts you’ll be sharing this year, make sure you spread the joy to those around you, to the friends and family you don’t get to see for Christmas, and to those less fortunate who need to feel the love this holiday season.


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