More than 5000 New Zealand teachers, young people, parents, school board members and grandparents have already had their say about the future of education, via the Education Conversation – Kōrero Mātauranga.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has described it as a “fantastic response” and says it is “the most popular education consultation in decades”.

One on one teacher-student time, the value of experiences outside of the classroom, and the importance of building emotional and social skills are some of the things to emerge from students and board members Hipkins has spoken with.

The Minister is keen for even more people to join the Education Conversation. He has encouraged everyone to get online and fill out the five-minute survey.

“Public education belongs to us all. Its future is too important to be left to politicians alone.

“In particular, we want to hear from those whose needs are not well served by the current education system, such as Māori and Pasifika, and those in need of additional learning support.”

The online survey asks four questions about the future of our education system:

  • What does a successful student of the future look like to you?
  • What will they need to know and be able to do?
  • What things need to be in place to make sure every learner is successful?
  • If you were the boss of education in New Zealand, what would you do first?

The views shared through the education conversation will be discussed at the Education Summit in May and will then inform the strategies and reviews that are part of the education work programme announced in February.

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