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Most people can admit at the end of the day despite feeling exhausted and tired, sometimes you just can’t doze off.

Everyone knows that the recommended amount of Z’s we should catch at night should be 8 or 9 hours, but with Netflix eps to watch and late night thinking to do, most people would admit to getting 6 or 7 hours (if that) sleep.

Sometimes, teaching yourself to fall asleep quicker can be as simple as giving yourself more time to unwind before you hit the hay. Here are our top tips on ways to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep all night long.

1) Listen To The Soothing Sound Of Rain


It may sound silly, but the sound of; waves, the jungle or simply white noise are really calming for a busy brain. When your mind is full of thought, these sounds can take you to a calmer state and help you doze off.

2) Take Some Sleep-Promoting Supplements



Supplements are a popular way to aid wellness in your body, but heaps of people find them really helpful in promoting restful sleep.

Supplements, like valerian and chamomile, are also helpful in getting some good shut-eye, too.

3) Practice Breath Retention Techniques

Some people recommend simply concentrating on your breathing to aid the calming of your mind and fall asleep quicker but often it can be really hard to do this!

That’s why guided breathing/meditation techniques can be really helpful to make getting to sleep much easier!

4) Make A Wind-Down Ritual And Stick To It

Whether you’re lighting a relaxing candle and reading a good book or taking a nice shower before putting on some lavender lotion, it can be a really good idea to give yourself some time to relax and wind down before you go to bed.

5) Put Away All Screens

It’s a proven fact that the blue light from your electronic screens will negatively affect your slumber, and they can increase your brain activity when you’re trying to wind down.

As crazy as it seems, you should try to close that Netflix tab at least an hour before you go to bed. Watch your shows earlier in the evening and scroll on Insta during dinner, just so you are all caught up on social media before you’re needing to wind down and relax your mind before bed.

6) Don’t Drink Any Caffeine In The Afternoon

Skipping caffeine in the afternoon is also a pretty well-known tip, but sometimes it’s a very hard one to follow.

It’s pretty obvious why a 5 pm post-workout coffee seems good at the time, but it will have a major effect on the difficulty you’ll experience at night trying to get to sleep.

7) Steer Clear of Liquids At Night 

Getting up to pee late at night can be one of the worst things to disrupt your sleep cycles, and surprise surprise- it’ll make it much more difficult to get up while you’re on the verge of drifting off.

8) Go Easy On The Booze

While alcohol can help you get to sleep much quicker, once it’s actually metabolized it will wake you up and decrease your quality of sleep. So go easy on the wines before bedtime if you’re planning on having a good nights sleep.

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