Who doesn’t like the holidays? The two weeks that every student is looking forward to after three months of non-stop school work. You have so much time to do whatever you want and not stress over homework and internals as such. Many have already planned out their holidays: flying to different places, going to other countries or even just plans to hang out with their mates. Others are different though: having no plans or anything to do for the two weeks. It would just be days and days passing by of laziness and boredom. We’re free to do so many things and to make the most out of this time, so why not try these things out?

Have a full day with your friends and a separate day for your family. Meet-ups with your group of friends is typical for teenagers, it is expected to see us together at least once throughout the day and that’s okay! Have as much fun as you can with them, but take time to be with your family too. Your family is as important as your friends, give them a bit of your time to spend with them – you’ll never know that you might have as much fun with them as you do with your friends.

Try something new! If you don’t know how to ice-skate, try it out! If you haven’t tried driving, practice driving. Even small things like learning a new dance or going for a hike, it’s fun to gain new experiences and to see if you can indulge into them in the future. Take a healthy amount of risks during the holidays and see what things and new hobbies you can make over the holidays.

Take a chill pill. As exciting as everything is going for you, give yourself a bit of a break. These holidays are for relaxation and time away from stressful and pressuring things like school. Have at least a day or two to laze around the house, have some alone time away from everyone and everything and take it slow. Pamper yourself and fulfill as much peace as you can achieve. Breathe and enjoy some relaxing activities, it’ll be good for your soul and prepare you once you go back into the real world.

Make sure you have done everything you need to do. In some cases, we have a few bits and pieces of school work we need to work on during the holidays. I know, I know – it’s unfortunate but you can’t really help it. As much as possible, finish it during the first few days of the holidays so you can completely focus on everything fun for the rest of the free days you have. Once you’ve completed it, you wouldn’t have to deal with the struggles of procrastination and strict due dates as school comes closer. Better be early than stress over it later on.

Finally, have fun! That’s what the holidays is all about, to enjoy every second you have out there. We’ve been used to the daily routine of busy everyday life so having this chance can give you an opportunity to experience the pleasures of life. So what are you waiting for? Go outside and enjoy!

Khris is in Year 11 and lives in Invercargill. She likes dancing, music, writing, trying new things and exploring the fun in everything.


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