The world is changing and I know you have heard this being enforced into your mind a billion times before. Unless, you are living in the deserts of Africa or the jungles of Indonesia, you are probably aware that our world is changing with the new use of technology. It is plaguing our world and it is making its way into even the smallest cracks of planet earth.

It is a disease and as with any disease, it brings it’s terrifying consequences such as a replacements with robots in the workforce from humans, a severe lack of motivation to achieve anything and a new sense of dependence on something that is inanimate.

Technology is something that I hate and this probably sounds peculiar from me, being a seventeen-year-old in high school, whilst, many of my friends and family go about using their phones all day every day. Of course, I do this as well but not by choice and instead by the sheer amount of pressure to use technology for everyday communication and the addiction that I have to being on social media.

I have found that technology does so much more bad than it does good. Unfortunately, it is something that I have had to work with, especially being a young businessman. For this reason, I will be exploring how we all need to adapt to the new technology that infects our daily lives, in order, to survive the ever changing business industry.

As I have spoken about previously, I run a healthcare business. Eighteen years ago, the rise of the 21st century, it would of been absurd to think that the majority of marketing and business operations in 2018 would be done via a small black screen ranging from the size of a playing card to an A4 book. However, this has now become a reality for us and almost 90% of business operations have to use technology to actually be done.

I have learned that you can simply not survive in this industry without using technology to a reasonably high extent and so I am recommending that you begin to learn how to utilise technology as effectively as possible for your upcoming future. It is easier to learn that many be able think and I already know that many young people have the usage ingrained into their minds, as we have grown up during the rise of this new age.

It is important that you continuously maximise the skills you can online because I believe this will help you significantly.

Whilst, it is frightening to think about, by the year 2050, most of our current industries workforce will be driven to extinction and they will be taken over by robotic machines. Of course, this is why I have such a large focus on business as it is an industry that pivots the majority of other industries around it. Business will change drastically but it will forever be around.

The more skills you learn now, in regards, to working online, will mean the more likely you are to get a job in our future planet as you will be seen as more competent. In terms of working for a business, you will need to learn how to effectively market using todays most popular platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat, you will need to learn how to operate products utilising robotic features such as solely robotised manufacturing lines and how to communicate efficiently using a range of modern devices.

These are skills that are viable in our current time period, so think for a second, about what these are going to be like in our near future.

At the end of the day, my message is that it doesn’t really matter whether you want to accept technology or not and how much you like or dislike it. It is happening and it is all about how you react to this change that will decide how successful you can be in your own future. Because technology is just like any other plague: only the strongest can survive it.

Will Cole is a year 13 student with a passion to write and is pursuing a career in journalism. When he’s not at school, he runs the communications for his healthcare business with two friends. See his weekly blog pieces here where he talks about the journey of a young entrepreneur and New Zealand’s current affairs.


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