The app allows apprentices to record text and photos while they work, and then report directly back to their employer. Apprentices have traditionally needed to complete paperwork every night – printing photos, recording what they worked on, how they worked on it and for how long.

The app is an evolution of existing software developed in New Zealand, a platform that Unitec also use. Certain functionalities have been tailored to Otago Polytechnic, says online learning designer Matt Thompson, such as better support for uploaded photos, and changes to the way student output is measured.

Thompson says the app works because it’s built with all parties in mind.

“Some employers aren’t that technically savvy. The app had to be really simple so they could access information easily.”

Otago Polytechnic graduate Mark Henry is trialling the app and says it’s made life a lot easier.

“It’s so much quicker and easier than filling out paperwork. It definitely saves heaps of time. I’m not very good with computers, so it was important to me that it was straight forward,” he says. “Most of the other apprentices wish they could’ve done theirs online!”

Otago Polytechnic Carpentry staff are also using the app so they can give feedback to apprentices. It also means staff are fully up to date with the apprentice’s work before they make site visits.


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