Ezra, 24, says, “All my friends were going to uni so I thought maybe that is what I would have to do to get ahead.”

Originally from Te Puke, Ezra moved to Auckland – ‘the big smoke’ – and enrolled in university to start a Bachelor of Sports Science degree. However after one semester he realised university wasn’t for him.

“I started working about three or four different jobs at the same time, which included building, labouring and working at night clubs across Auckland.

“I was helping a friend out on a building site, and I had the opportunity to get involved with the plumber and experience the sort of everyday work involved with that job. I really enjoyed the hands-on nature of plumbing and knew this was the type of work I should be doing.”

Shortly after, Ezra enquired about a plumbing apprenticeship through Masterlink, a training scheme owned and run by Master Plumbers.

“I think companies can be a bit hesitant to hire people who approach them directly – they don’t know if you’ll commit to the job. Masterlink provides job security and kind of gives you a kick start.”

The application process was straightforward and Masterlink placed Ezra into an apprenticeship within a few weeks.

“Masterlink made the entire process super easy. As soon as I applied, they were giving me regular updates on job progress, which is definitely what you need when you first start,” he says.

“They find a company that wants to take you on and they look after you. Your Masterlink mentor checks in with you every three months to see how you are going and if you are on track.

“As I’ve been progressing with my apprenticeship, I’ve been getting feedback that shows they have faith in my abilities.

“I am a hard worker and put everything into it. The standard of my work is much better now than when I started and I’m thinking more like a tradesman.”

Ezra says the plumbing trade offers amazing opportunities.

“Plumbing is a great career option and I absolutely love it. It really helped ground me in a period of my life where I didn’t have much stability.

“You work with a great bunch of people, and the variety of work doesn’t give you a chance to get bored! Every day is different. You can work for others or set up your own company in the future.”

Masterlink, established in 2002, connects top-quality apprentices with successful plumbing, gasfitting & drainlaying businesses throughout New Zealand.

As the employer, Masterlink manages the whole apprenticeship, taking care of apprentice wages, ACC, PAYE, GST, HR needs and all off-job training arrangements.

Masterlink pays all their apprentices’ ITO training fees ($11k+) and provides a starter tool kit including PPE worth $2,000 plus a yearly allowance for boots. Masterlink is proud to have BNZ as a Principal Sponsor offering their apprentices a special interest-free loan package when they sign up.

For more information, please visit https://www.masterlink.co.nz.

Like many young Kiwis, Ezra Jordan left high school without a clear idea of what career he wanted to pursue.


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