Like many New Zealand high schools, Pakuranga College in Auckland has a well-established BYOD (bring your own device) programme in place, allowing its 2,250 students to enhance and personalise their learning.

With so many students and staff members relying on systems to adequately support 2,500 devices, the school made the decision to invest in its IT infrastructure to ensure the experience was as seamless and invisible as possible.

Power quality is an important factor of the school’s IT development plan, as bad weather and power outages can often cause disruptions across the region.

“We had some instances in the past with other technologies where everyone arrived at school on a Monday morning and the servers were still down or had not come back up properly after a power outage,” said Billy Merchant, Deputy Principal at Pakuranga College.

“Everything from our Student Management Systems and teaching platforms, to our telephones and CCTV, rely on our network so we needed assurance that in the case of an emergency, our critical systems would be backed up.”

So to protect critical systems and servers, the school’s IT services provider New Era IT recommended upgrading the school’s UPS systems to ensure clean power to servers in a blackout and to allow enough time to back-up files and shut down equipment during extended outages.

The school’s UPS system was upgraded with an Eaton system over a one-day period during the school holidays to minimise any disruption to lessons.

Since the installation, staff at Pakuranga College say the technology change has been seamless, with no outages or disruptions to their workflows.

“I personally take great comfort knowing that when the staff and pupils arrive on a Monday morning, everything will be running as smoothly as it should be,” says Merchant.

“We have students who design and sell their own VR games. While another group of students has been working with the local vet to create 3D casts for animals. There is no doubt that it is the network that enables this great work to happen.”


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