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Your favourite Kiwi celebs are getting behind the annual New Zealand ‘Blokes vs Books’ campaign to inspire reading amongst New Zealand men.

A joint initiative between Read NZ Te Pou Muramura (formerly The Book Council) and The NZ Society of Authors, the campaign features comedian Leigh Hart, Shortie Street star Jay Kiriona, and Garage Project’s Pete Gillespie amongst others.

Talking to Victor Rogers about their own reading habits, the men share that they’re not big readers. This is in-line with 2018 research conducted by Read NZ Te Pou Muramura, which showed that Kiwi males are not reading much, and if they are reading, they’re reading ‘reluctantly’.

‘Blokes vs Books’ comes at a great time this year, when many people have finished binge-watching the last of the good Netflix series’, and maybe need that extra push to pick up a book. Offering giveaways and great ideas for the man who might not know where to start in a bookshop – the ‘Blokes vs Books’ campaign has it all. Check out the video, the website and the campaign and let’s get all of New Zealand reading again – especially during isolation.


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