Dozens of schoolboys from the ISCA academy in Exeter, Devon, turned up wearing girls’ uniform during the heatwave last month.

Following their protest, headmistress Aimee Mitchell has confirmed that grey shorts will be part of the official school uniform next year, the Daily Mail reported.

She also said that boys would be allowed to wear full PE kit or school uniform if the hot weather returns this term, but ‘not a combination of both’.

Miss Mitchell praised the ‘initiative and resourcefulness’ of her pupils and the ‘good spirit in which they expressed their views’.

Confirming her decision the change the school’s uniform policy, she said: “I would like to confirm that tailored charcoal grey shorts will be part of the summer uniform from the next academic year as an optional alternative.”

In response to the decision, one parent from the school said: “I am very proud of the boys and the way they carried out this protest.

“I’m glad that they did it because it makes them feel visible.”

The protest against the school’s strict no-shorts uniform policy was initially launched by a group of five boys who decided to wear skirts to school.

The next day, more than 50 decided to do the same, with some borrowing skirts off girls in order to join the demonstration.

Pupils reported that many of the boys were put in isolation by school after turning up in a checked skirt.

One student claimed he was told to change his skirt because it was too short while another said it was because his legs were too hairy.

They added that some of the older boys brought pink razors from a local shop and shaved their legs on the way to school.

Teenager Josh Baxter said: “I wore a skirt yesterday and was told to take it off because I had hairy legs.”

Another boy added: “I liked wearing it yesterday. It was a nice breeze.”

Parent Claire Reeves, 30, said at the time: “The girls are allowed to wear skirts all year round so I think it’s completely unfair that the boys can’t wear shorts.

“Boys just don’t have the option and I am just really concerned about how the heat is going to affect him.”

Despite the success of the boys’ protest, some parents have criticised the cost of the new shorts.

One said: “Shorts cost £4 or £5 in somewhere like Matalan. The one from the school will be about £15 a pair. Uniform is a big money maker for the school.

“It costs a fortune, especially if you’ve got two or three kids at the school.”

Source: NZ Herald


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