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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Candidates look at youth problems

More than 70,000 young people are not in education or training and local community groups want to know what the Government is going to do about it.

Students speak out on education policy

Life skills, mental health support and an investigation into the modern student workload are some of the issues Kiwi students want to see policy makers pay attention, regardless of who wins on Saturday.

Opinion: Briar Lipson – Partnership schools and pre-election policies

New Zealand Initiative Research Fellow BRIAR LIPSON looks at the role partnership schools play in helping our most disadvantaged students.

Bringing the Election into a Year 2 classroom

Special visits from a Labour Party candidate and members of the Black Ferns help Year 2 teacher Andre Jay bring the wider world into the classroom and add context and meaning to his students' learning.

Jacinda Ardern makes final plea for youth to turn up to vote

With three days to go until the election, Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has made a last-ditch plea for young voters to turn up at the polling booth.

Teachers speak up about National Standards

National Standards is still one of the most contentious issues in primary education. The Labour Party have said that they’ll rescind National’s centrepiece education policy from the 2008 election should they find themselves in the big office after September 23 this year.

UCSA presidents’ advice for Bill and Jacinda

Politicians looking to reach young voters in the last days before the election might want to take the advice of a couple of successful University of Canterbury leaders. 

Education – Convince Leighton

Leighton faces off against Labour candidate Naisi Chen on education - Can Leighton be convinced?

Greens want te reo Māori in all schools by 2030

The Green Party has unveiled a $165 million plan to make te reo Māori a compulsory subject in all schools by 2030.

Opinion: Matthew Rhodes – Labour’s student bribe will restrict university places

The Labour Party's latest election lolly is free tertiary education. They want to give students three "free" years of full-time study, with the first year becoming zero fees from next year.


Tertiary education institutions are feeling the pressure to accelerate their digital...

The pandemic forced many tertiary education institutions in Australia and New Zealand to speed up their ongoing digital transformation efforts.