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How to become a marketing specialist

You are interested in marketing and strategic planning? Here’s what you need to know about how to become a marketing specialist.

Work of art: the life of an artist

The latest in our series of Q&A career profiles of real people, doing real jobs, is about Kauri, who is an artist.

Game on: The life of a game developer

The latest in our series of Q&A career profiles of real people, doing real jobs, as featured in 2019 JET magazine (out now!) is about Lucy, who is a game developer.

A day in the life of a travel designer

Travelling is all part of the job for Jo Peterson!

Blockbuster film highlights New Zealand’s education strengths in creative arts

The global release of epic film Mortal Engines is providing a unique opportunity to highlight New Zealand’s education strengths in creative arts.

The long and rewarding road to architecture

Fritha Hobbs is an architectural graduate and on her way to becoming a registered architect. She’s been working for three years since graduating from Victoria University in Wellington.

Job profile: Tattooing is me

Looking for an outlet to draw all day? How about becoming a tattooist

Edible art

Hob nob! Imagine getting to taste test as a Patisserie chef de partie

Walking the walk

'I auditioned for a TV show called New Zealand’s Next Top Model (NZNTM) on a whim, and I ended up winning.' JETmag talks to Danielle Hayes about the best and worst bits about her career.

Solid gold

Jewels, jewels, jewels. Making items which will be treasured for generations - how about goldsmithing?


Tertiary education institutions are feeling the pressure to accelerate their digital...

The pandemic forced many tertiary education institutions in Australia and New Zealand to speed up their ongoing digital transformation efforts.