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Blog: A letter to my Year 13 self

Fourth-year law student and blogger Samantha Mythen says you’ll remember your final year of high school as one of the best years of your life.

Blog: Why making international friendships will broaden your mind

Will Cole befriended a German international student and discovered there is much to be learned and gained from overseas cultures.

Blog: Why I love being busy

Being busy can actually be very fulfilling and exciting, says blogger Darcy Herrick.

Blog: What is Technovation?

Blogger Jessica discusses Technovation, the global competition in which young girls solve real-world problems using technology.

Let’s talk about veganism

Blogger Darcy has always been sceptical of the vegan diet, she says … so why not give it a try?

Confessions of a nerd

Do you ever get called a nerd? Blogger Darcy explains why you should consider it a compliment.

The importance of self-care

Feeling a bit stressed recently? Take a break, says blogger Khris, and focus on you.

8 brilliant must-learn skills 2019

Learning new skills is a brilliant way to stay motivated during the school term.

8 ways to elevate your mood

If you find yourself feeling down at any time, here are a few ways to cheer yourself up again!

Getting lovey-dovey

Teen-love, ah such a sweet time. For all the lovers out there, blogger Khris has something for you.


Tertiary education institutions are feeling the pressure to accelerate their digital...

The pandemic forced many tertiary education institutions in Australia and New Zealand to speed up their ongoing digital transformation efforts.