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Practicum vs theory: where does the balance lie?

One of the perennial questions faced by an initial teacher education (ITE) provider is what constitutes the right balance of practical and theoretical programme delivery. ChalkTalks panellists discussed this at the recent discussion on Reimagining Teacher Education.

The future of teacher education hinges on politics and the teaching profession

It became clear at Education Central’s ChalkTalks panel discussion on Reimagining Teacher Education that it was difficult for ITE (initial teacher education) providers to be truly innovative against a backdrop of constant political change and a sector that currently feels so under-valued.

Craig Holt: Attracting and retaining our best and brightest

ChalkTalks panellist Craig Holt, President of Auckland Primary Principals’ Association summarises his thoughts on the biggest challenges facing teacher education in New Zealand right now.

Liam Cunningham: Attracting high-calibre people to ITE

ChalkTalks panellist Liam Cunningham, teacher education Masters student at AUT gives his thoughts on the biggest challenge facing teacher education.

Dr Michelle Johansson: Supporting new teachers

ChalkTalks panellist Dr Michelle Johansson, Programme Director, Teach First NZ answers the big question: What is the biggest challenge facing teacher education in New Zealand?

Pauline Barnes: Preparing teachers for a new and complex environment

ChalkTalks panellist Pauline Barnes answers the question gives her views on the biggest challenges facing teacher education.

Dr Mark Barrow: Attracting people to the profession

ChalkTalks panellist Associate Professor Mark Barrow, Dean, Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Auckland gives his thoughts on what are the biggest challenges facing teacher education in New Zealand.

Reimagining Teacher Education

In anticipation of Education Central’s next ChalkTalks panel discussion on Reimagining Teacher Education next week, Jude Barback looks at the direction initial teacher education (ITE) in New Zealand is taking.

The case for ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning

A submission to the Tomorrow’s Schools Review advocates for improvement in flexible learning experiences.

Tomorrow’s Schools reform: School principals unite to fight ‘hub’ takeover

A plan for regional "hubs" to take powers from elected school boards of trustees faces a growing backlash, with two groups of schools uniting to fight it.


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