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Eliminating achievement gaps in tertiary education

“Summer melt” sounds like some sort of delicious icy treat, but as Professor Tim Renick talks further, it quickly becomes clear that this is not a palatable concept.Professor Renick is visiting New Zealand from...

Polytech mega-merger: the benefits, risks and challenges

One of the challenges the government faced in thinking about the future of New Zealand’s vocational education system was the state of the polytechnic network.  Modelling for the TEC showed that the polytechnic network...

Meeting the unmet need: rolling out the Learning Support Action Plan

It is 6pm on a Tuesday night. The board of trustees is gathered for its monthly meeting. Joining tonight’s meeting is the school’s SENCO (special educational needs co-ordinator) who will report to the board...

What can your school do for your child with special learning needs?

What sort of learning support can you expect for your child with special needs? Is it determined by the Ministry of Education, the school – or your budget?When Kathryn’s* son was diagnosed with Asperger’s,...

What to make of the ROVE announcements

Five and a half months after he released the ROVE (Review of Vocational Education) consultation documents, education minister Chris Hipkins has delivered the verdict – the government’s decisions on the overall design of a...

Major changes for vocational education confirmed

Under major changes to New Zealand’s vocational education system announced today, industry training organisations will be replaced by industry-led councils and polytechnics with operate as a single campus network. By Jude Barback.

Digital Divides, Dividends & Dangers: a review of Education Leaders Forum 2019

The 50th anniversary of the Moonwalk reminds us that Apollo 11’s inboard computing power for the amazing return journey was less than we each carry in our smart phones.Real lunar crusaders in 1969 were...

Transforming schools with culturally intelligent infrastructure

Recently the government announced its commitment to school infrastructure and is investing an initial sum of $1.2 billion to repair and rebuild school classrooms. This money will be used to develop new schools, hubs...

Reimagining teacher training: fantasy or reality?

In a world where imagery increasingly dominates human communication, university education clings to its long-held use of language as the prime mode of thought and communication – verbal, which is good for describing. On...

School choice and the National Education Growth Plan

In the next 10 years, 100,000 more children are expected to enrol in New Zealand schools.In response to this “unprecedented population growth”, the Ministry of Education established the National Education Growth Plan (NEGP) earlier...


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Quality of early childhood education services under scrutiny

Researchers have called into question the quality of the education of our youngest learners, during a recent seminar. Rebekah Fraser speaks to early childhood education experts about the state of the sector.


Sponsored: Students keen to learn about money

Sponsored ArticleTeachers using the resources report their students are enthusiastic to learn about topics ranging from savings and debt to insurance and KiwiSaver.The government-funded...