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Shouting to be heard: the worrying effects of noise in early childhood education services

Susan Bates raises concerns about the potentially damaging effects of the high noise levels in many early childhood education centres in New Zealand and asks: what is being done about it?

New initiative fosters diversity in STEM

An innovative new pilot scheme at Taupo’s Tauhara College could see more Maori females pursuing successful careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

In defence of play: why imagination is key in early childhood education

ECE researcher Kelly Warren says the emphasis needs to change from focussing on young children acquiring formal learning behaviours to fostering social and emotional skills.

Students, secrets and staying safe on social media

As social media looms ever larger in our lives, so too does concern about its effects on young people. SOUMYA BHAMIDIPATI looks at how parents, students and teachers are keeping kids safe online.

Innovative assessment scheme enhances learning

Research into a ground-breaking new assessment scheme for high school students aims to boost achievement and help students and their families better understand the learning experience.

Modernising maths for a changing world

High school mathematics teacher Bernie Wills is revolutionising the way students learn maths, in a bid to better prepare them for the ever-changing workplace.

New research casts question marks over fees-free policy

New research shows that the fees-free policy is only influencing a small percentage of students’ decision to study, and these students are often more likely to struggle and drop out. But are we providing institutions with enough funding to adequately support these students?

Principal leadership in practice: not all schools are created equal

Angela Millar’s research shows that in order for principals and teachers to carry out effective teaching and learning, inequities in resourcing, professional development and home-school relationships must be addressed.

How six schools lifted achievement in literacy

A study, released today, found that schools are successfully lifting achievement by creating a coherent focus on literacy teaching.

Student climate strikers: justifiably angry, so much to lose

Sally Birdsall says although students’ climate change message was muffled by what happened on the same day in Christchurch, it’s important their voices are still heard on this important issue.


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