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Friday, October 30, 2020

Latest Teacher-led Innovation Fund round announced

Twenty-five schools and early learning services received funding from the latest round of the Teacher-led Innovation Fund (TILF).

New Soft Toy Assists with Learning Te Reo Maori From Home

With over 75 key Māori words and phrases, the Original Talking Tiki aims to make the Māori language more accessible to children and adults and provide them with a way to learn entry level...

Napier school announces $3m revamp at jubilee

Port Ahuriri School announced a $3 million refurbishment during its 150th anniversary celebrations at the weekend.

Parents, staff discuss teacher’s strike at St John’s Hill School

Bells will not ring, doors will not open, teachers will not teach and students will not learn when primary schools close during an educators strike this Wednesday.

Compulsory qualifications planned for home-based early childhood education and childcare

Some childcare providers are expected to quit, and those who stay in the business may raise their fees, under a new policy requiring home-based carers to become qualified.

NZ Herald editorial: Auckland poorer if young careerists cannot afford its houses

The damage done to Auckland by house price inflation is starkly apparent when young couples start looking for work elsewhere once they contemplate having children.

Opinion: Raewyn Donnell – Evolution of teacher appraisal systems

Westlake Girls’ High School teacher RAEWYN DONNELL shares how teacher appraisal systems can be transformed, making the process of teacher appraisal less onerous and more streamlined for all involved.

What’s beneath rising NCEA pass rates?

NCEA pass rates have been rising, however changing types of assessment at different decile levels complicates this comparison.

Principals driven out of job to save their health

New research shows some worrying trends when it comes to the health and wellbeing of school leaders.

Procrastinating student publishes research on… procrastinating students

Rebecca Olsen, a PhD student at Victoria University, is investigating whether vividly visualising a future desired outcome could help people get to their goals, and control the urge to hit the couch rather than work on their dreams.


PLD that works using CORE’s Theory of Action

Sponsored article  With a vision for “An equitable and thriving Aotearoa through learning”, CORE Education | Tātai Aho Rau is on a mission to push...