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Teachers, parents lose faith in homework

More than a third of New Zealand teachers and parents say they are increasingly doubting the value of homework.

Faces and spaces: why good transitions matter for children

JUDE BARBACK catches up with Professor Aline-Wendy Dunlop during her visit to New Zealand to discuss her fascinating research project in which she has studied the lives of 150 children for over 14 years, making some compelling conclusions about the impact of early childhood education and transitions.

Healthy homework gets results

Researchers from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and the University of Otago have investigated the effects of a compulsory, health-related homework programme on physical activity, dietary patterns and body size in primary school children. Auckland...

Maths report raises more questions than answers

A new report has revealed declining standards in children’s numeracy and sparked criticism and controversy about the way Kiwi kids are taught maths.

Want smart kids? Try short bursts of activity to boost brain power

Short bursts of intensive exercise can boosts kids' brain power - and has benefits for children with learning difficulties or conditions such as autism, a new Kiwi study suggests.

Tertiary education snapshot shows good completion and employment rates

Same, same, and only a little bit different could sum up the findings of the first three publications of the six-part Ministry of Education’s 2016 Profiles and Trends series. By JODY HOPKINSON.

Teaching future ready grads

The approach originated in Vietnam in the 1970s, where multiple efforts to address childhood malnutrition had proved fruitless.  But then someone noticed that children in one village looked extraordinarily well nourished. They found that...

Preschoolers creating music and art on tablets before they can write

Kiwi preschoolers are creating music and art on touchscreen tablets well before they can write, a new study has found.

Could robots in schools help students with special educational needs?

A robot is being trialled in Australia to help children with special educational needs. But what do New Zealand schools think of the idea? Jody Hopkinson finds out.

World’s top economists make case for English majors

A great migration is happening on US college campuses. Ever since the fall of 2008, a lot of students have walked out of English and humanities lectures and into STEM classes, especially computer science...


Tui Tuia | Learning Circle growing kaupapa Māori expertise with new...

Tui Tuia | Learning Circle welcomes Marisa Pene to Te Whānau Maioha to support kura (schools) and kaioko (teachers)