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‘Wake up’ call after study finds fewer low-income NZ kids ‘beating the odds’ to...

A top educationalist says New Zealand educators need to "wake up" after yet another international study has found our children's performance sliding - this time a study of the poorest quarter of children in each country.

Research reveals importance of students learning from their mistakes

Having the confidence to try new things and admit when you don’t understand something is a vital part of learning, yet it is also one that many students struggle with. New research has revealed some of the reasons why students retreat from uncertainty, and how educators can help.

Schools’ use of te reo Māori is still “very basic”

New NZCER survey finds that while most schools are incorporating te reo Māori into their practice, it is often used at a very basic level, such as greetings and instructions.

Parents: more info needed about progress of non-National Standards subjects

A newly released NZCER survey shows parents are generally happy with the information they receive from schools, but reporting on achievement of subjects outside National Standards could be better.

Quality of ECE services called into question

A new survey by ChildForum casts concern over the quality of early childhood education (ECE) services in New Zealand.

What every primary teacher should know about vocabulary

In Dr Jannie van Hees’ new book 'What every primary teacher should know about vocabulary' she discusses the importance of building word knowledge.

Opinion: Mayleen Gautusa – ‘Solution-itis’: No such thing as a quick fix

Mayleen Gautusa argues that there is no quick fix when it comes to improving our students' reading abilities.

No hat, no play? Not always, research shows

New research shows that many children may not be sun-safe during school lunch breaks.

Apprentices better off than grads, research shows

New research shows that apprentices are better off than university graduates for most of their lives.

Wanted: ‘Ideal teachers’

Hana Turner's research reveals some interesting teacher and student perspectives about what qualities an 'ideal' teacher has for students of different ethnicities.

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Shifting schools sets children back half a year – report

Shifting schools may set children back by about half a year in their learning, a new report says.

Choosing schools