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Monday, April 19, 2021

The battle of the lunchbox

There’s a battle going on that won’t be on the news tonight, yet mums and dad around the world know it all too well. I’m talking, of course, about the battle of the lunchbox. Every...

Vegan butchering and other future skills: what will you need?

How we work and what work looks like looks set to change markedly in the near future with five million jobs looking set to be lost to automation by 2025. This doesn’t mean we all...

Maths is everywhere!

In a Porirua classroom, Dr Jodie Hunter tells a class of Year 3 and 4 students that her grandmother wants to make a tivaevae using a pattern from a cushion cover and doesn’t know...

New resource for teachers on Asia-Pacific region

A new website is helping teachers share more Asia-Pacific learning aims to develop students with global competence, prepared to take on the regions’ vast opportunities and live and work in different cultures. Te Whai Toi...

Social inquiry at heart of new resource for schools

Students in Canterbury can learn how they might empower young people in Vanuatu through. Learners in Levin might look at how young women's lives are affected in Bougainville. Thanks to a new digital school resource...

Helping hand for parents of Chinese students in NZ schools

For the majority of parents, our morning school drop offs, the hi and bye with our class parents, the quick catch-up with the teachers as we wave goodbye to our little ones, the reading...

Early childhood education classic resource relaunched

New Shoots Publishing together with author Kelly Warren are re-launching the ‘90s classic, Take Another Look (Tirohia Ano) this month.

Asthma awareness

Asthma emergency awareness is being brought to schools through free activity packs this May.

US teacher’s mental health ‘check-in’ board goes viral

A US teacher's "check-in" board, which allows students to anonymously express how they are feeling, has gone viral.

Aroha’s Way – giving children the tools to understand their mental health

By award-winning New Zealand author Craig Phillips, Aroha's Way is anticipated to be an important contribution to mental health literature. Here, publisher Bex Lipp talks about the journey that led to the book's creation.


The Privacy Act 2020 was passed by Parliament on 26 June...

Notifiable privacy breaches The main thing to consider is that the legal requirements of responding to a privacy breach are changing. The new Act will...