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Monday, June 25, 2018

Second chance learner wants to give offenders a second chance

After 20 years of service with the Department of Corrections, Tauranga man Nick Powell felt an overwhelming need to do more to help the prisoners he worked with. Alarmed by the rates of offenders...

New teachers quit city, delay kids, due to unaffordable housing

Two-thirds of Auckland's new teachers plan to leave the city, and many female teachers are postponing parenthood because of the city's housing costs, a new survey has found.

‘Monty Python’ saga hits teacher seeking NZ job

A British teacher recruited to start at an Auckland school today says getting approval to teach in New Zealand has been a "Monty Python" experience.

Focus: Quality teachers in short supply in Auckland

Six central Auckland schools are worried about the drop in the quality of teachers, on top of a mass shortage

Big job cuts at University of Otago

The University of Otago has announced plans to cut 182 full-time-equivalent (FTE) general staff. If adopted as proposed, it would result in 182 FTE staff being cut and savings for the university of $16.7 million per year.

More than half of Auckland schools up to four teachers short

More than half of Auckland schools are each struggling to fill up to four teaching jobs, a new survey reveals.

Northland teachers see engineering in the real world

They say there is no substitute for experience - so six Northland teachers donned hard hats and hi-vis jackets as they took a day out to see engineering in action.

Part-time secondary teachers seek equal pay

Another equal pay claim was brought before the Employment Relations Authority this week as PPTA members seek mediation to resolve the issue of part-time secondary teachers not receiving the same rate of non-contact time as full-time teachers.Teachers...

Equal pay claims roll out to mental health, teacher aides, social workers and now...

Part-time high school teachers have become the latest group to lodge an equal pay claim, as the effects of this week's 20 per cent-plus pay rise for caregivers roll out to other female-dominated groups.

NZEI: Education Council ‘not well-placed’ to upskill teachers

The Government's move to put the ongoing training of teachers into the hands of the Education Council is being dismissed as paper shuffling.


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Three specialist libraries to close at University of Auckland, 45 jobs...

The University of Auckland will close three specialist libraries, with the loss of around 45 fulltime-equivalent staff.