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The skills vs knowledge debate: what do teachers think?

Should we be focusing on teaching our kids to problem solve and communicate? Or is it more important for them to have a foundation of knowledge? Rachel Helyer Donaldson takes stock of the debate.

21st-century skills: what are they and what’s the fuss about?

Massive leaps in technology throughout the past two decades have made huge differences to the ways in which we communicate. By Rachel Helyer Donaldson.

Play is learning: why playtime matters more than you think

It’s quite normal to worry whether your nearly five-year-old is ‘school ready’. Yet when the evidence is considered, it is apparent there is no better preparation for learning than play. By Anna Clements.

Keeping pace with industry: the importance of upskilling

Advancements in technology and changes in industry are driving home the importance of keeping skill sets relevant to meet the needs of ever-changing jobs. By Rebekah Fraser.

Flexible learning – the new normal

Study when it suits you. By Raewyn Court.

The crucial ‘soft skills’: the role of the early childhood sector

The important social and emotional skills needed later in life have their grounding in early childhood education. By Rachel Helyer Donaldson.

Vocational Education Forum boasts state-of-the-art virtual environment

A new era in state-of-the-art virtual conferences will be on display at the upcoming New Zealand Vocational Education Training Research Forum (NZVETRF) forum.

In defence of play: why imagination is key in early learning

Early childhood education researcher Kelly Warren says the emphasis needs to change from focusing on young children acquiring formal learning behaviours to fostering social and emotional skills.

Auckland’s construction crunch

Diana Clement looks at the reasons behind Auckland’s construction industry skill shortage. New Zealand needs an extra 30,000 workers within two years to cope with a huge boom in the sector and any large construction...

Micro-credentials: a sea change for tertiary education

Annie Graham-Riley looks at the new bite-sized qualifications that look set to change the relationship between work and study.


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