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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Crane operator finds her place and continues family legacy

Deciding what career to set a lifetime of hard work to can be quite a daunting task to face. As an apprentice or trainee you can land a great job and earn while you learn.

Gaming the system: NCEA and the Record of Achievement

Ahead of the public discussion of the Government’s NCEA review, Jaylan Boyle asks two senior educators to critique the current Record of Achievement.

The new world of work: are students prepared?

Justine Munro, co-founder of 21C Skills Lab, says that the community of interest being formed by new business and education partnerships will transform high school education in Aotearoa.

Sponsored: Opening a world of opportunities through Information Technology

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace but one thing isn’t going away is the need for qualified IT professionals who are ready to put their stamp on the industry.

21st-century skills: what are they and what’s the fuss about?

Massive leaps in technology throughout the past two decades have made huge differences to the ways in which we communicate. By Rachel Helyer Donaldson.

The skills vs knowledge debate: what do teachers think?

Should we be focusing on teaching our kids to problem solve and communicate? Or is it more important for them to have a foundation of knowledge? Rachel Helyer Donaldson takes stock of the debate.

Sponsored: New skills for the future “vital”

Technology is important at King’s College – but so is preparing students for an uncertain future.

New AUT job initiative a winner

AUT now has an on-campus recruitment service, Internz, aimed at matching graduates with employers. By Raewyn Court.

Get ready for a brave new world of work

The pace and impact of today’s changing employment world far outstrips that of the Industrial Revolution. By Greg Fleming.

University not the only way

Thinking about what to do for work or study in 2019? Why not combine work with study and become an apprentice, earning while you learn, writes Dani Wright.


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