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EOTC: broadening horizons

Education outside the classroom gives children new experiences, opens their minds and takes learning outside the classroom. By Rachel Helyer Donaldson.

Why self-control is so important and how to develop it in kids

We know that children who exhibit self-control in early childhood are destined for better outcomes later in life. However, the good news is that self-control skills can be developed. Jude Barback looks at the research and interventions that could make a big difference.

Lifting the lid on lunchboxes

School lunchboxes are often seen as the basis of good nutrition for our children. However, as Rebekah Fraser discovered, a holistic approach to healthy eating can have more of an impact on our next generation.

In defence of play: why imagination is key in early learning

Early childhood education researcher Kelly Warren says the emphasis needs to change from focusing on young children acquiring formal learning behaviours to fostering social and emotional skills.

The crucial ‘soft skills’: the role of the early childhood sector

The important social and emotional skills needed later in life have their grounding in early childhood education. By Rachel Helyer Donaldson.

Smooth sailing from kindergarten to school

Emerging research led by Auckland Kindergarten Association teachers confirms just how important it is to get the transition to school right – and what an effective transition process looks like.

Building a strong bridge between home and school

Fostering strong relationships between home and school are vital in early childhood education. Rebekah Fraser speaks to educators leading the way in encouraging families to feel part of their children’s learning journeys.

When is your child ready to start learning?

Jaylan Boyle speaks to a Kiwi academic in Germany who says we need to recognise the importance of interaction and experience as the foundation of language and learning.

Surf’s up: community support comes in waves

A small-scale inter-school surfing competition in the Bay of Plenty has demonstrated the importance of involving the local community in school events. Jude Barback explains.

Keeping pace with industry: the importance of upskilling

Advancements in technology and changes in industry are driving home the importance of keeping skill sets relevant to meet the needs of ever-changing jobs. By Rebekah Fraser.


PLD that works using CORE’s Theory of Action

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