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Play is learning: why playtime matters more than you think

It’s quite normal to worry whether your nearly five-year-old is ‘school ready’. Yet when the evidence is considered, it is apparent there is no better preparation for learning than play. By Anna Clements.

Girls can’t achieve unless they’re nurtured and happy

St Cuthbert’s College’s successful homeroom approach helps new Year 7 students feel like they are joining one big happy family.

The value of learning in the early years

Why some experts say a play-based curriculum in early years education is the most effective way to support your child’s lifelong learning journey.

Learning on beanbags

Are innovative learning environments really the way forward? By Rachel Helyer Donaldson.

New Zealand has a drowning problem

Water is an intrinsic part of life in New Zealand. From the waka that first crossed the ocean to Aotearoa to our childhood memories of endless summer holidays at the beach. It is part of our identity. We are surrounded by it. We live in it. It sustains us and energises us.

Hold the phone – communication between school and home

Have we seen an end to the printed school newsletter, phoning in absences and relying on children to ferry permission forms between parents and teachers? Soumya Bhamidipati looks at the technology aiming to streamline communication between parents and schools.

Mindfulness in practice

Ficino Preschool in Auckland encourages children to experience each moment through play.

Preschoolers and technology

How much digital technology should children be exposed to in their early childhood education years? By Sara Carbery.

Navigating the world of special education

If you feel as though your school is not well equipped to support your child’s special educational needs (SEN), you’re probably right. According to international research, disadvantaged students fare considerably worse in the New...

Moving learning from ‘teach to the test’ to real-world application

A desire to change the way students approach their learning saw the creation of QuickSense, a new learning tool that is set to make a difference for Kiwi secondary school students.


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Whanganui security training programme stays true to Māori warden principles

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Teacher finds dream job on ship

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