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New curriculum a long time coming

The way technology is taught in New Zealand is changing, with most schools welcoming the new digital technologies curriculum. But some say it has been a long time coming. By Adam Gifford.

A digital game changer for the trades

09The construction industry is booming and needs around 30,000 qualified people in the next five years to meet demand. However, fewer than 1,500 school leavers are currently moving into BCITO apprenticeships each year.“Right now,...

Out with the old…

09Education is changing faster than most parents realise. While schools field complaints about teachers not ‘teaching’, the reality is that it’s those parents whose children are lined up behind desks for old-style chalk-and-talk education...

Micro-credentials: a sea change for tertiary education

Annie Graham-Riley looks at the new bite-sized qualifications that look set to change the relationship between work and study.

Choosing schools

Lawrence Watt looks at one of the big questions for parents who want the best for their children: “What school should I send my teenager to?”

Breaking the glass wall

We live in an age where solo-moniker female artists such as Adele, Sia, Beyonce and Rihanna dominate the recording industry, but the same can’t be said for the other side of the glass wall…

Aiming for the stars

A culture of high expectations is among the critical factors for Maori and Pacific secondary school students to go on to tertiary study and training, according to the latest research by the Starpath Project at the University of Auckland. Jude Barback reports.

Blending business skills and tertiary nous

Is the world changing so fast that skills learned at university will be redundant in future? Lawrence Watt investigates.

Tertiary research brakes new ground

Dani Wright investigates the growing international interest in New Zealand tertiary research after the launch of a world-first brake power meter for mountain bikes.

Teaching students to tap into their talents

Setting up students for a successful career in the Arts. By Kate Dobbin.


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Govt policy on parent donations for school camps: OK for some,...

Schools that scrap parent donations to get $150 per student from the Government will still be able to ask for donations for school camps...


Sponsored: Security first: trusting the digital transformation in education

By Richard Favero, Founder and Executive Chairman, Soprano Design Disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), collaboration tools, and cloud-based services are becoming the ‘norm’ in...