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Sponsored: New skills for the future “vital”

Technology is important at King’s College – but so is preparing students for an uncertain future.

Tertiary research brakes new ground

Dani Wright investigates the growing international interest in New Zealand tertiary research after the launch of a world-first brake power meter for mountain bikes.

Breaking the glass wall

We live in an age where solo-moniker female artists such as Adele, Sia, Beyonce and Rihanna dominate the recording industry, but the same can’t be said for the other side of the glass wall…

Supporting teens’ career choices

For decades it was relatively easy to choose a career – girls tended to become teachers, nurses or secretaries, and boys became doctors, lawyers or took up a trade. However, with the vast array of...

Cutting a successful business path

Like many business owners, Peter Wells’ entrepreneurial spirit was obvious before he left school. Cutting his friends’ hair in the toilets might have planted the seed for a successful business, but the skills he developed on the way have been the making of him.

Fees-free study just the beginning

Greg Fleming explains how being a tertiary student just got a whole lot better.

New study of impact of COVID-19 pandemic on global education

IEA and UNESCO are launching a study with the European Commission to draw a more comprehensive picture of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on global education.

The big vocational education shake-up

New Zealand’s eleven ITOs will soon be replaced with up to seven (or as few as four) industry-governed Workforce Development Councils, thanks to sweeping changes to New Zealand’s vocational education system. Over 2000 people tuned...

Hold the phone – communication between school and home

Have we seen an end to the printed school newsletter, phoning in absences and relying on children to ferry permission forms between parents and teachers? Soumya Bhamidipati looks at the technology aiming to streamline communication between parents and schools.

Spotlight on STEM: New and exciting courses on offer

There are few – if any – inventions on Time magazine’s 50 Best Inventions 2018 list that don’t have their roots in the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and maths. Think on-demand eyes for...


PLD that works using CORE’s Theory of Action

Sponsored article  With a vision for “An equitable and thriving Aotearoa through learning”, CORE Education | Tātai Aho Rau is on a mission to push...