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Friday, January 22, 2021

The good earth: The life of a gardener

The latest in our series of JET Q&A job profiles is about Zoe, who is a gardener.

Teen millionaire thinks you’re at risk of being ‘mediocre’

Teen entrepreneur Jack Bloomfield says that uni is not the be all and end all of education.

How to survive and thrive in a male-dominated industry

Jo Stirling, who is three years into a building apprenticeship, says it's important not to let fear stop you following your dreams.

How to get ahead (when you lack the killer instinct)

Not everyone is born with that killer instinct and sometimes talented people languish in jobs well beneath their abilities.

Thought about working on the West Coast?

Loads of jobs, cheap rents, and a great lifestyle – what's not to like?

Five jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

More complex human-only positions that were previously unimaginable are now being filled by millennials and the first of the Generation Z population.

The beauty of earning while you’re learning

Apprentice Rhys Gwyther is relishing the opportunity to earn and learn at the same time.

Student to probe labour shortages in agri-food sector

A young North Otago woman is planning a research project to probe the cause of labour shortages in the agri-food sector.

Blog: What is Technovation?

Blogger Jessica discusses Technovation, the global competition in which young girls solve real-world problems using technology.

Billions in the pipeline: Where the jobs are

A new partnership means new hope in the construction centre for a more secure workforce as it faces at least four more years of continuing growth.


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Notifiable privacy breaches The main thing to consider is that the legal requirements of responding to a privacy breach are changing. The new Act will...