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Pride and joy: Talking & walking with the animals

It's the cirrrcle of liiiiiife

Bringing coffee and convenience to commuters

After eight years of managing the London Underground’s retail properties for Transport for London, Mark Hitchcock wasn’t sure what he’d do job-wise upon returning to Auckland after his extended OE.

Voice of the people

Do you love helping people and want to make a difference?

In charge of student success

Want to make a difference for communities and families? Perhaps education is a pathway for you.

Lack of women in management costing NZ $900 million

Business leaders say a lot of work needs to be done to get more women into management roles in New Zealand.

Youth Advisory Group members announced

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has announced the twelve young New Zealanders selected to take part in the 2018 Ministerial Youth Advisory Group.

How this 16-year-old entrepreneur came up with the solution to Australia’s biggest parking gripe

Rylan Kindness, a 16-year-old entrepreneur from Brisbane, thinks he might have the answer to one of our biggest first world problems.

Student leading UN tour

Joseph Mansell is young, but he has big dreams.


Tertiary education institutions are feeling the pressure to accelerate their digital...

The pandemic forced many tertiary education institutions in Australia and New Zealand to speed up their ongoing digital transformation efforts.