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Friday, January 28, 2022

Upskilling to support Wellington’s homeless

Six support workers, some with lived experience, are about to embark on their own journey of learning with support from industry training organisation, Careerforce.  DCM (formerly Downtown Community Ministry) works with people who experience being homeless. The organisation which recently celebrated its 50th birthday, provides services...

5 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Whole Family 

This is a season of joy and togetherness, and these gifts should bring the family together and help you create new joyful memories. Here are five of our Christmas gift ideas that the whole...

Breath of Endeavour project for Māori along the Whanganui River

Tū te Ngana Hau – the Breath of Endeavour project is different from other initiatives introduced to Māori communities along the Whanganui River.

Blog: Life at first

JETmag blogger Will Cole shares his first impressions of life outside New Zealand as he begins his law degree at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Is social media really hurting your mental health?

We blame friends' posts about awesome holidays and great times for driving "digital depression" - but is social media really that bad for mental health?

Find out which NZ companies have the gender tick

A growing number of NZ companies are signing up to get the gender tick.

Fortnite is live again with a new map and more ways to level up

Millions of players are back into the game with a new island to explore (with some familiar areas) and several new ways to level up.

Kiwi teen’s viral video gives him new career options

An Auckland teen is considering a future as a full-time YouTuber after video he made teaching his dog to play Minecraft has gone viral.

Six60 announces major summer tour – are they playing near you?

Six60 has added a string of major Saturday shows to their summer timetable.

Will Smith intervention for vegan son Jaden

Jaden Smith's parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, have said that they have been forced to stage an "intervention" for their son's vegan diet.


Tui Tuia | Learning Circle growing kaupapa Māori expertise with new...

Tui Tuia | Learning Circle welcomes Marisa Pene to Te Whānau Maioha to support kura (schools) and kaioko (teachers)