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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Opinion: Tim Renowden – International students may hold the answer to funding uncertainty

Tim Renowden says New Zealand universities should look to harness the opportunities presented by international students in order to address funding challenges.

Miss Snuffy and Mr Snake Oil on 21st-century learning

Lyall Lukey, convener of Education Leaders Forum 2018, examines some of the views expressed by, among others, London headmistress Katharine Birbalsingh and her host Roger Partridge of the New Zealand Initiative, before, during and after the recent researchED conference.

Opinion: Kia King – The risks of shallow technology use in schools

Parent Kia King shares one of her biggest gripes about the New Zealand education system today - “the seemingly mindless use of technology in schools under the pretence that it is benefiting our children in their 'learning journey'”

Off the Record: The days of JUST ‘chalk and talk’ are past

A secondary school teacher shares frustrations at how teachers are not evolving their teaching practices despite a robust BYOD policy in place.

Farewell to a legendary character

Peter Lyons pays tribute to friend and former colleague Peter 'Wattie' Watt

What kind of workforce do you want?

The government has launched a review of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA), and it’s an opportunity for small business owners to shape the next generation of workers.

School and mental health: a student perspective

What is school really doing to our mental health? Year 13 Sarah Bisacre-Peters investigates aspects of a high school education, highlighting its possible negative impact on New Zealand youth.

Opinion: Gus Gilmore – Polytechs need to get people into better jobs

Polytechs need to improve their training courses for the disadvantaged says Gus Gilmore.

Response: Stephen Newnham – in defence of 21st century learning

Head of Technology at Lawrence Area School Stephen Newnham encourages anyone to produce the evidence that modern learning environments, pedagogies, digital technologies and other hallmarks of 21st century learning are adversely affecting outcomes.

Behaviour is the elephant in the classroom

What’s the secret to managing classroom behaviour and why is it so important? Tom Bennett, the UK’s “behaviour tsar”, explains. By Anna Clements.


Why should we reimagine qualifications?

JUDE BARBACK introduces Education Central’s special feature series ‘Reimagining Qualifications’ with a trip down memory lane.


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Are our schools preparing learners for 2030?

Mark Treadwell, author of ‘The Future of Learning’, contributes the first of a series of articles that looks at what schools are going to have to do to stay relevant and develop the necessary set of skills and capabilities required by our society and workplaces.