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Opinion: Kathy Wolfe – Men in ECE

Chief Executive of Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood New Zealand Kathy Wolfe says men play a vital role in early childhood education and we must normalise ECE teaching as a valid, viable and valuable career for both men and women.

Opinion: Martine Udahemuka – Dual Education Lesson One: Early beginnings

New Zealand has vocational training. But what happens in secondary school before students start a vocational programme matters. The difference between our system and Germany's systems was striking Martine Udahemuka writes.

Response: Defining Giftedness and Talent (before Re-defining Genius)

Tracy Riley responds to Alwyn Poole’s opinion piece, Re-defining Genius, saying it is not the label of giftedness that is damaging, but a lack of professional engagement with theories, research and practices related to learning.

Off the record: the realities of being an ECE teacher

A recent survey by Child Forum found that 46 per cent of responding early childhood education (ECE) teachers suffered stress and work-related injuries. Here, an ECE teacher in the South Island shares some workplace truths.

Opinion: Justin Gray – University and industry partnerships will ensure NZ steams ahead

If New Zealand’s universities partnered with industry and created STEAM courses reflecting the skills needed by industry, it would help close the digital skills gap.

Opinion: Karen Spencer – Of policy and practice

Right now, we are in the calm eye of the storm when it comes to education policy in New Zealand. While some policies have been abruptly swept to the wall (such as National Standards, charter schools), others are still waiting to hatch writes Karen Spencer.

Opinion: Alwyn Poole – Redefining Genius

Alwyn Poole says labelling kids as gifted and talented can be damaging.

Opinion: Lyall Lukey – Talking and walking the Education Summits

Lyall Lukey argues that if the Education Conversation is to be more than a tick-the-box consultation the dialogue needs to be anchored to a sound evidential foundation.

Opinion: Katie Fitzpatrick – Tomorrow’s Schools review by yesterday’s experts

The review is about repurposing schools for the 21st century. Katie Fitzpatrick takes a closer look.

Off the record: the WHAT matters

Content is still important when it comes to students’ learning.

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Shifting schools sets children back half a year – report

Shifting schools may set children back by about half a year in their learning, a new report says.

Choosing schools