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Response: Peter Reynolds – ECE centres are not “nasty corporates”

Chief Executive Officer of the Early Childhood Council Peter Reynolds responds to Peter Lyons' opinion piece which criticises the early childhood sector for its focus on corporatisation.

Opinion: Alwyn Poole – The education tsunami for our low decile students

Take it as read; Māori and Pasifika young people have a lower IQ than Asian or European children. Take it as read; children growing up in homes in lower socio-economic areas of NZ have a...

Curriculum wars: coming to Aotearoa?

An unusual alliance, between a radical and polarising academic and a right-wing think tank, may drag New Zealand’s education system into the throes of a debate that’s been raging overseas, but has largely passed us by until now writes Tom Haig.

Response: Stephen Newnham – in defence of 21st century learning

Head of Technology at Lawrence Area School Stephen Newnham encourages anyone to produce the evidence that modern learning environments, pedagogies, digital technologies and other hallmarks of 21st century learning are adversely affecting outcomes.

Opinion: Chris Whelan – recognising the value of our international students

Universities New Zealand executive director CHRIS WHELAN says New Zealand has some way to go in better communicating the benefits of international students to our economy and our society.

Opinion: The Nasty Fish Hook for Teachers in “Tomorrows’ Schools Lite.”

I opened my hotmail inbox the other day. The junk emails had the usual lovely guy from Nigeria requesting my bank details to share his huge inheritance with me. One email caught my eye....

Mike Hosking: NCEA can be saved

Mike Hosking says the education sector unions are driving a lot of change as they don’t like NCEA and they have serious influence over the Labour Party

Opinion: Briar Lipson – Partnership schools and pre-election policies

New Zealand Initiative Research Fellow BRIAR LIPSON looks at the role partnership schools play in helping our most disadvantaged students.

Opinion: Alwyn Poole – Reject the Tomorrow’s Schools Report

Alwyn Poole argues that the last thing New Zealand’s education system needs is another layer of bureaucracy.

Response: a different take on the realities of teaching in Manurewa

Natasha Miller teaches children in a similar catchment as that described by Sam Oldham in his controversial opinion piece, What life looks like at NZ's largest decile one high school. Here, she presents a different view.


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