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Why I left teaching

John Laing's teaching career spanned almost 40 years, a lot of that spent as a rural primary teaching principal. Last year, after weathering so many changes in the education landscape, he decided he couldn't see a way to stay in the profession until retirement and maintain what work/life balance he'd managed to hold onto. In this article John reflects on some of the reasons that stacked up behind his decision to leave education.  

Sector Voices: the biggest challenge facing education

We asked prominent people from within the sector what they perceived to be the biggest challenge currently facing New Zealand education.

School’s social media ban could ‘backfire’ says expert

An outright social media ban could backfire on an Auckland school - should it go ahead.

Opinion: Stuart McNaughton – Why in the world would we do it: PIRLS 2016?

In the wake of the recent PIRLS report which shows a decrease in New Zealand students' reading levels, Professor Stuart McNaughton argues we need to look carefully at the evidence and research behind these results before diving in and changing systems.

Opinion: is IES a solution to the ‘achievement challenge’?

Massey University Associate Professor JOHN CLARK takes a closer look at the proposed Investing in Educational Success (IES) initiative and finds the problems it hopes to solve to be more complex than IES can manage.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – We need more pragmatism and less ideology in education

Peter Lyons is concerned the Tomorrow's Schools review taskforce are intent on replacing one ideology with another.

Whanganui principals welcome Government move to scrap school decile system

The chair of the Whanganui Principals' Association has welcomed the Government's move to scrap the school decile system.

Opinion: Benefits in learning a second language

All Kiwi kids could soon be multilingual.

Opinion: Paul Moon – Te Reo’s doubtful future and the prospect of compulsion

Professor PAUL MOON says making Te Reo compulsory in schools is not the answer.

Brian Rudman: Academic freedom is a right that needs protecting

Just when it looked like the mid-winter madness over who can speak where, was dying down, up popped Opposition leader Simon Bridges.


Tertiary education institutions are feeling the pressure to accelerate their digital...

The pandemic forced many tertiary education institutions in Australia and New Zealand to speed up their ongoing digital transformation efforts.