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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Response: Nicola Willis – Leave your judgements at the door

A shiver went down my spine as I read Deborah Hill Cone's opinion piece demonising early childhood education. Has she been into an early learning centre lately? Has she talked to families about the choices we make for the care of our kids?

Opinion: Green School New Zealand – Where were you when I began school in...

There needs to be some personal context for this opinion piece.  Three years ago, I “retyred” after 48 years in education.  My roles have included secondary teaching, union activist, teacher recruitment manager, and working...

The Practicum Files: Holly Preece-Honeysett – “an experience you cannot compare to anything else”

What’s it like for trainee teachers to go into schools to put theory into practice? Third-year University of Auckland early childhood student Holly Preece-Honeysett reflects on the whirlwind that is practicum.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – Why more taskforces, working groups and endless recommendations won’t cut...

Following on from his recent opinion piece in Education Central and in response to discussion on this topic, Peter Lyons continues the debate.

Opinion: Steve Liddle – Liberal studies in schools and co-ed classes should be compulsory

Whether motivated by opportunity, adventure, war, or speedier student debt repayment, overseas experience (OE) has for generations been part of becoming a New Zealander.

Opinion: The upside of the tech revolution in education in an upside down world

Lyall Lukey responds to a pre-Covid article on EdTech and previews virtual live ELF20: Leading Change and Managing Transitions.

Mike Hosking: Government’s blind ideology on charter schools doesn’t make sense

It looks like the charter school debate-come-debacle, might have come to a good, and if not good, a satisfactory end.

Off the Record: Communities of Learning – lovers and haters, read on

A secondary school teacher says teachers need to inform themselves about what CoLs are achieving before passing judgement.

Opinion: Kane Meissel – Replace National Standards with focus on learning progress

Evidence shows that National Standards have not improved achievement, however the new government should consider retaining some of the recent tools that focus on learning progress.

Opinion: Sharon Harvey – $60m for languages education? Great, let’s get it right.

Head of the School of Language and Culture at Auckland University of Technology, SHARON HARVEY says we need to think carefully about which languages we teach in our schools and why.


PLD that works using CORE’s Theory of Action

Sponsored article  With a vision for “An equitable and thriving Aotearoa through learning”, CORE Education | Tātai Aho Rau is on a mission to push...