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Opinion: Peter Lyons – Why this Government can’t afford to let teachers win

Peter Lyons says if this government provides teachers and other public servants with double digit pay increases the likely outcomes will be a budget deficit and increased inflation.

Opinion: Kia King – The ups and downs of Teaching Your Own

Parent Kia King reflects on the benefits and drawbacks and her hopes and fears when it comes to homeschooling her children.

Opinion: Joel Hernandez – Data driving education change

NZ Initiative Policy Analyst Joel Hernandez says the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) is helping inform a project which aims to find out how much value a school adds to its students after adjusting for each student’s background characteristics.

Opinion: Oliver Hartwich – Centralism attacks Tomorrow’s Schools

NZ Initiative Executive Director Dr Oliver Hartwich says if the recommendations from the Tomorrow's Schools Review taskforce are implemented, schools will lose autonomy and come under greater Government control.

Opinion: Frank Greenall – Full speed ahead for Yesterday’s Schools

Education in New Zealand looks to be heading back to the 1870s. Would that be back to the future or forward to the past?

Opinion: Peter Lyons – Proposed changes in Education: Stalinist or Common Sense?

Peter Lyons believes the recommendations from the Tomorrow's Schools Review will help even the playing field in New Zealand schooling.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – Thinking about bad thinking

Peter Lyons discusses how cognitive biases and evolutionary instincts can have an impact on our decision making.

Opinion: Alwyn Poole -The essential element deliberately neglected in teacher dispute

Alwyn Poole says the teaching profession needs to widen the discussion from improving pay to improving the quality of teachers and school provision.

Opinion: Roger Partridge – Reading is no trivial matter

Chair of The New Zealand Initiative, Roger Partridge is concerned that so many New Zealand students don’t know what the word ‘trivial’ means and even more so that such a large percentage require special assistance with reading and writing.

Opinion: Michael Harvey – a student’s background shouldn’t determine if they are going to...

Dr Michael Harvey says we need to move the focus from students’ socioeconomic status to listening to what students really want to get out of their education and working out to best deliver this.


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Tomorrow’s Schools Issue 4: Disability & Learning Support – A SENCO...

In an eight-part series, Education Central looks closely at the key issues addressed by the taskforce in the Tomorrow’s Schools Review report. The fourth issue is disability and learning support. Will Education Hub management and a learning support coordinator in every school help bring about the change needed?

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