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A small glimpse into this teacher’s world: an open letter

Sacha Spurrier has lit up Facebook this week. In an open letter to David Seymour, this first year teacher shuts down why pay performance cannot be measured. Sacha passionately speaks up for herself and her profession and in doing so, shares a small glimpse into the world of fellow teachers across New Zealand.

Opinion: Sandy Farquhar – ‘Will the new government make ECE a priority?’

Early childhood education could be back on the political agenda after nine cold years of inadequate government action. Dr Sandy Farquhar writes.

Opinion: Christine Fletcher – A looming teacher crisis faces Aucklanders

There has been much debate given to Auckland's urgent and long overdue physical infrastructure this election but little consideration given to Auckland's appallingly fragile social infrastructure.

Response: Stephen Newnham – in defence of 21st century learning

Head of Technology at Lawrence Area School Stephen Newnham encourages anyone to produce the evidence that modern learning environments, pedagogies, digital technologies and other hallmarks of 21st century learning are adversely affecting outcomes.

Opinion: Graham McPhail – Approach MLEs with caution

University of Auckland's GRAHAM McPHAIL argues that while modern learning environments (MLEs) can help facilitate different pedagogical approaches there is no inherent link between classroom design and educational outcomes.

Opinion: Paul Heyward – Get up, stand up

The new code is entitled ‘Our Code Our Standards’. Paul Heyward discusses the new code & how it can be used to empower teachers to speak out on issues of educational and social importance.

Opinion: Dr Graham McPhail – Do we throw out the music with the man?

Dr Graham McPhail says the Leaving Neverland documentary poses questions about Michael Jackson’s legacy in education generally, and in the music classroom in particular.

Opinion: Justin Gray – University and industry partnerships will ensure NZ steams ahead

If New Zealand’s universities partnered with industry and created STEAM courses reflecting the skills needed by industry, it would help close the digital skills gap.

Opinion: Russell Bishop – Māori education needs more than task force has proposed

The members of the Independent Task Force to Review Tomorrow's Schools were given a hospital pass by the Government. They were asked to do the impossible writes Russell Bishop.

Opinion: Martin Thrupp – Tomorrow’s Schools and the debate over Capital Gains Tax

Professor Martin Thrupp draws comparisons between two major political initiatives on the table at the moment.


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