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Friday, October 19, 2018

Lizzie Marvelly: The birds and the bees and the bond

Sex ed is one of those things that nearly everyone remembers.

Response: Nicola Willis – Leave your judgements at the door

A shiver went down my spine as I read Deborah Hill Cone's opinion piece demonising early childhood education. Has she been into an early learning centre lately? Has she talked to families about the choices we make for the care of our kids?

Opinion: Lukas Schroeter – end of Kura Hourua model a sad day for Aotearoa

Lukas Schroeter laments the Government's decision to end the Kura Hourua partnership school model.

Opinion: Deborah Hill Cone – Stop dumping kids in ‘factory farms’

This week on my way to a morning lecture on attachment theory, I walked past a noisy daycare centre. It must have been drop-off time.

Mike Hosking: With all the demand, how are our polytechs failing?

What the hell is going on with our polytechs?

Opinion: Peter Lyons – the modern tyranny of metrics

Peter Lyons is dubious when it comes to setting SMART goals to hold teachers accountable.

Response: (Il)literate New Zealand

Kathryn Carmody, acting chief executive of the New Zealand Book Council says improving literacy is everybody's responsibility.

Opinion: Graham Foster – the NCEA Review must include educational research

Education Futures 21C’s Graham Foster argues that the NCEA Review must consider stakeholders’ opinion and educational research.

Opinion: Josh Williams – Other voices matter too in NCEA review

Industry Training Federation chief executive Josh Williams says principals’ input into the NCEA review is not the only input that matters, just as NCEA recognises there is more than one kind of achievement that matters.

Opinion: Joel Hernandez – A better way to measure school effectiveness

NZ Initiative Policy Analyst Joel Hernandez looks at how we can objectively compare schools.


Why should we reimagine qualifications?

JUDE BARBACK introduces Education Central’s special feature series ‘Reimagining Qualifications’ with a trip down memory lane.


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The untold value of consistently effective teachers

Don't blame teachers for educational inequality; instead, believe that they can make a real difference, says Chief Executive of Teach First NZ: Ako Mātātupu Jay Allnutt.