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Friday, May 25, 2018

Opinion: Linda Bendikson – Educational solutions aplenty but what is the cause of the...

Linda Bendikson says we need to be clear about the problems with New Zealand’s education system before diving in with solutions.

Opinion: Briar Lipson – 21st century hogwash

Briar Lipson believes educators are going overboard in their quest to teach 21st century skills.

OPINION: David Bennett – Free tertiary education a badly thought out policy

The Hamilton East MP believes current policy has had no real impact on University numbers

Opinion: Jack Boyle – NZ Initiative’s NCEA ‘solution’ misses the mark

PPTA president JACK BOYLE says the New Zealand Initiative’s proposed solution to introduce a weighted index for NCEA is flawed.

Opinion: Professor John Morgan – So here’s to you, Mr Robinson

University of Auckland’s Professor John Morgan discusses the flaws in the drive towards creativity and innovation in schools on the eve of British educationalist Sir Ken Robinson’s visit to New Zealand.

Collaboration to “rebirth” NZ education

New Zealand is in a period of “educational rebirth” according to Visiting Fulbright Global Scholar Professor Alan J Daly

Opinion: Too many leaving school financially illiterate

Too many leave school with no financial knowledge or skills.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – ten lessons we should be teaching our children

Peter Lyons discusses ten common myths of modern reality.

Principal says profession has received ‘poor representation’

A Christchurch principal's criticising media over a poor representation of teaching, saying it's affecting young people's choice of profession.

Opinion: Kate Hawkesby – Why can’t we embrace our kids’ learning diversity at school?

No two children are the same, so why do we want to teach them all the same way?

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Shifting schools sets children back half a year – report

Shifting schools may set children back by about half a year in their learning, a new report says.

Choosing schools