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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Opinion: Roger Partridge – Freedom to teach and freedom of speech

NZ Initiative Chairman Roger Partridge says we are heading down a slippery slope if we start regulating the word ‘teacher’.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – Reflections of an “unprofessional” teacher

Peter Lyons questions what really constitutes a ‘professional’ teacher.

Curriculum wars: coming to Aotearoa?

An unusual alliance, between a radical and polarising academic and a right-wing think tank, may drag New Zealand’s education system into the throes of a debate that’s been raging overseas, but has largely passed us by until now writes Tom Haig.

Opinion: Briar Lipson – Could the route to skills be counterintuitive?

NZ Initiative Research Fellow Briar Lipson responds to the PPTA’s blog and continues the debate around curriculum, knowledge and skills.

Richard Prebble: Rosy report card gets overlooked

If reducing child poverty is the goal, why is the Govt closing charter schools?

Broadening walls – should Chapter Chat be on Twitter?

Creator of Chapter Chat Stephen Baker explains his reasons for choosing Twitter to host the literacy initiative.

School says axing streaming boosts its NCEA results

A liberal Auckland high school says its students' top marks in national tests are partly because the school refuses to stream them into top, middle and bottom classes.

Off the Record: Communities of Learning – lovers and haters, read on

A secondary school teacher says teachers need to inform themselves about what CoLs are achieving before passing judgement.

Opinion: Jack Boyle – CoL survey findings deserve a closer look

PPTA president Jack Boyle sheds some light on the controversial findings of a recent communities of learning (COL) survey.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – A sad waste of $300 million of taxpayers’ money

Peter Lyons believes Communities of Learning (CoLs) are an ill-defined policy and a waste of money

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