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Opinion: Briar Lipson – Freedom, hubs and the curriculum

New Zealand Initiative Research Fellow Briar Lipson says the Tomorrow’s Schools independent taskforce wants to change the balance between freedom and control.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – The evolutionary magic of fresh cream donuts

Peter Lyons shares an excerpt from "The Economists' Secret Handbook"

Opinion: Claire Amos – Tomorrow’s School Review – little to lose and much to...

Claire Amos considers all factors to the Tomorrow’s School Report which she says "creates a vision for tomorrow where there is little to lose and much to gain."

Opinion: Craig Cooper – Climate change protests: Will we let the kids down?

Craig Cooper asks "will the protest achieve anything?"

Opinion: Jane McCarroll – Workplace literacy – everybody wins when we build it

"When I work my employers give me money. But when they give me training they give me love." Jane McCarroll of industry training organisation Skills reflects on how workers benefit from employers investing in their development.

Opinion: Alwyn Poole – Māori & Pasifika children need excellence – not “equity”

Alwyn Poole says “equity” in New Zealand education is the “soft bigotry of low expectations” and the Tomorrow’s Schools review taskforce report perpetuates this.

Opinion: Graham Foster – Education Administration Hubs or Education Catalyst Hubs?

Education Futures 21C’s Graham Foster suggests thinking about the proposed Education Hubs in a different way.

Opinion: Martin Thrupp – Tomorrow’s Schools and the debate over Capital Gains Tax

Professor Martin Thrupp draws comparisons between two major political initiatives on the table at the moment.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – Tomorrow’s Schools Reforms have merit but the element of compulsion...

Peter Lyons argues that schools should be allowed to opt in or opt out of the services provided by the proposed Education Hubs.

Opinion: Russell Bishop – Māori education needs more than task force has proposed

The members of the Independent Task Force to Review Tomorrow's Schools were given a hospital pass by the Government. They were asked to do the impossible writes Russell Bishop.


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Opinion: Peter Lyons – The downside of uber parenting

Peter Lyons says real resilience is shaped by real hardship, something that many parents of today try and circumvent for their children.


Sponsored: Forming habits of a lifetime – getting food right at...

Education Central asks the team at Heart Foundation’s Fuelled4life why it’s so important to get food right for children during their busy day at school and pre-school.