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Off the record: (Il)literate New Zealand

An English teacher fears for New Zealand’s school leavers as an increasing number depart school without the skills to read well and to write well. Here, she shares her deep concerns about the state of literacy education in New Zealand.

Opinion: Kia King – The ups and downs of Teaching Your Own

Parent Kia King reflects on the benefits and drawbacks and her hopes and fears when it comes to homeschooling her children.

Opinion: The upside of the tech revolution in education in an upside down world

Lyall Lukey responds to a pre-Covid article on EdTech and previews virtual live ELF20: Leading Change and Managing Transitions.

Opinion: Frances Valintine – Future-focused? Who are we fooling?

Frances Valintine, Founder The Mind Lab by Unitec & Tech Futures Lab, questions the recent global rankings that claimed New Zealand has the most future-focused education system in the world.

Curriculum wars: coming to Aotearoa?

An unusual alliance, between a radical and polarising academic and a right-wing think tank, may drag New Zealand’s education system into the throes of a debate that’s been raging overseas, but has largely passed us by until now writes Tom Haig.

Opinion: Kia King – proud to be ‘old school’ until ‘new school’ is proven...

Parent Kia King went on a quest to find robust evidence to support the benefits of innovative learning environments. Disillusioned by the lack of evidence forthcoming, she wrote the following submission to the Education Amendment Bill earlier this year.

Opinion: Peter O’Connor – Why are we not resourcing all teachers to be creatives?

Why do I feel a little sick in my stomach, rather than excited, about the newly announced government initiative, Creatives in Schools? The word creative is an adjective, it describes a process where novel,...

Off the record: Stupid School Rules

In our new "Off the record" series, Education Central publishes the musings of anonymous teachers about the joys and challenges they face in their job. Our first post is from a teacher fed up with the distraction school rules cause to teaching and learning.

Beck Vass: School cross-country and why kids shouldn’t have a choice

There's been outrage recently about schools around New Zealand making cross-country optional to save children the embarrassment of competing.

Opinion: Lisa Emerson – Hidden in plain sight: secondary school library services

Lisa Emerson voices concerns about the positioning of libraries and librarians in New Zealand secondary schools.


The Privacy Act 2020 was passed by Parliament on 26 June...

Notifiable privacy breaches The main thing to consider is that the legal requirements of responding to a privacy breach are changing. The new Act will...